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Unless You Are Saved Through The Grace Of Jesus Christ You Are Going To Hell.

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Theland | 18:10 Fri 02nd Jul 2021 | Religion & Spirituality
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God is real, hell is real, and it is your choice whether or not you wake up to reality and accept the free gift of salvation.
The alternative is too horrible to consider.
It is either / or, there is no other way.
Save yourself. Now.


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Question Author
Jim 360 - Indeed, and it could not go to a nicer bloke :-)
Thread has come to a natural end then, you refer anyone who asks you a question elsewhere and you've thumped your tub.

Been an informative few days in more ways than one.
Theland, you didn’t answer my last question - let’s see if you answer this one. You’ve once again criticised Nailit’s knowledge of the bible, as you do consistently with mine. If your knowledge really is greater why don’t you answer the questions we put to you?

Considering there's no actual question, just an attempt to advertise something - ie Christianity- this should probably have been deleted as spam.

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