We Are Living In The Prophetic End Times.

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Theland | 19:28 Thu 01st Oct 2020 | Religion & Spirituality
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The bible is true.
Atheists, or rather Hatetheists, refuse to recognise thedd signs of the times, which are comprehensively described in the bible, which is accurate.
Stubbornness prevents the Hatetheists from recognising the truth.
Covid is but one aspect, but is like the first domino to fall, the rest will crash soon.
You can check what the bible says yourself, and compare it to contemporary events.
Time is getting short, things will never be the same again.
Will you take notice?


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Can you please just tell me where in the bible ? Chapter and verse Remember the bible is a very large book (I have sitting here on my desk ~ at the ready ~ so to speak) by the way I am not an atheist, I practise my faith and read the bible but for the life of me I cannot remember reading anything ~ and I have been reading for well over 70 years. God Bless ~ keep safe
15:48 Fri 09th Oct 2020
I also don't think Theland is a liar either, his beliefs don't collide with those of everyone else and he occasionally makes errors (don't we all ) but that does not equate to lying.

Hans however is on a mission here I feel.
Theres no one on here who I have had to apologise to more than Theland for the stick that he's received from the likes of me.
He is a dodger of difficult questions, I do think hes self decieved etc, But a liar??
I dont think he is! Not intentionally anyway
Mamyalynne.....If you think I am on a mission, don't you think also that Theland is on one Please be honest and reply accordingly.

Theland's mission is overt and longstanding, I don't always approve of his methods and have told him so many times over the years.

I am less sure of your motives Hans - that's my honest answer.
Mamyalynne.......Correct me if I am wrong. You are saying that Theland is an overt missionary and I am a covert one.

I have explained myself above, doesn't mean I am right. You may interpret it as you see fit Hans, let's not pretend we get along because we don't.
Question Author
Hans - If you or anybody else can dig into the archives and produce an example of me deliberately lying, I will sincerely apologise, and try to produce an explanation.
Until then, I remain perplexed.

Mamya, Nailit, thank you.
Mamyalynne.......In accordance with your suggestion, I shall interpret your remarks , as I see fit. Will you therefore accept that we are now 'Overt enemies'. ;-)

Theland....Did you Not read my posting at 14.51 yesterday.


I won't agree to those terms Hans, this is a Q&A site - we may not agree often if at all but I am not in the habit of acquiring enemies.
Question Author
Hans - just read it again.
Totally wrong.
Question Author
As an addendum, I wonder at the mentality of those who go trawling through historical posts looking for black marks to bring up and use them, if they exist, to cause upset.
Like dirty journalism, totally crazy.
Theland...What I said was a remark which you made. What was totally wrong with it.?

You disapprove of folk trawling (as you say) through historical posts and question their mentally for their endeavours to establish something you have requested them to prove correct; as I have done. Yet it is your suggestion we should do that to which you now appear to be displeased.. ( Read what you said at 21.17 today ^^^)

You are strange and even intimated in one of your postings that perhaps your were.

Question Author
Hans, I have neither deliberately lied, or engaged in deliberate diversionary tactics.
To do either would infer on my part, a desire to turn a discussion into a debate, and then try to win it at all costs.
This is only Answerbank, not a matter of so great importance that I would deliberately compromise my integrity for it.
Now, can we move on?

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We Are Living In The Prophetic End Times.

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