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wildwood | 05:57 Wed 07th Dec 2016 | Religion & Spirituality
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I am now an ordained priest of the Church of the latter day of Dude, and have a certificate to prove it..

Would I be able to start my own church in a abandoned building and ask my parishioners 1% of their earnings, and as this is as legit as other religions, would I be able to get some of the sizable tax concessions other religions get?

If not, why now?


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I don't see why not, your Dudeship.
You can ask for what you like, but I suspect that there are rules regarding tax concessions. Try when you have gathered loads of followers and have got agreement to be on the census form.
Given that you live on the other side of the planet are you paying out travelling expenses?
Why now indeed, good luck.
You'd be much better off joining my church. It is CotCot - The Church Of The Celestial Orbiting Teapot. All you need is a teacosy on your head and an empty teacup. You will very soon be converted. Joy will reign.
You go ahead and I will setup a S/O for £5.00 each month...........
Scientology is still desperately trying to get religious status in the U.K. For tax purposes. They will get it eventually, if they haven't already, so you might as well give it a go.

Start by publishing your mandate and stuff and see how many you can convert.

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