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Religion May Be Dying But Do We Now Have God Among Us?

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ukanonymous | 13:27 Tue 17th Feb 2015 | Religion & Spirituality
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Regardless of religion a more worrying aspect is that now we treat our government like gods. We believe that because we get to vote we have a say in what happens. This is just an illusion of freedom. They get to decide the laws and imprison us for the rest of our lives should we break them or in some cases take our lives.

Everybody who opposes the government are cast aside and discredited and in some cases killed by the government. We trust them with our health, life and we give or lives because of the choices they make through war. We have to pay them money they can spend on anything they want. They can take your house and land in a faint heartbeat. We have faith in their system which they devised as they care about us and would not wish us any harm.

We are lead to believe that without them the world would be in chaos and we would all be at war with each other. Lets not forget Hitler. All of his followers were normal people like you and I simply following their leader. We would like to think that we would not have followed Hitler if we were living in germany in those days but that is a bare faced lie. We follow our own government into any war they choose and we have zero choice.

The people stupid enough to fight are merely cannon fodder to carry out someones wishes.

We believe we are free and individual but we are enslave to people who care nothing more about you than a piece of dog much on the road.

This is now why religion is dying because we have a new god which we trust blindly with our own eyes.

One question is this why were we never taught what our human rights are at school or what the laws are? Instead we are taught about the past mistakes which bear no relevance.
We are raised blind only to follow like sheep. I myself am trying to find away out of it but when so many sheep Baaíng away its very hard to escape.

Do you think the Governments are a new God? We call them Leaders but where are they leading us apart from into war and into situations we would not choose to be in for a million years.



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Have you heard of democracy ? Do you read the newspapers and magazines, and articles on the Internet? Have you seen the buffoons on "Prime Minister's Question time" in the House of Commons ? Do you really think the entire population of any country, let alone the UK, is stupid enough to trust and blindly follow every whim of a load of political megalomaniacs ? Have you never heard of protests against government policy, especially war policy, where thousands come out on the streets against governments ? Do you remember a major factor in ending the vietnam war was its colossal unpopularity ? Do you think we are dim-witted sheep without choices ?
I refuse to accept your analysis.
Uk anonymous - what country are you living in? You say
"Everybody who opposes the government are cast aside and discredited and in some cases killed by the government."
Really? Everybody? Name anybody at all that has been killed, by the government, for opposing them.
Should we warn the leader of the opposition?
Someone will always wield power. It's as true today as it was centuries ago.

There is no true democracy. We have no way to achieve it in large groups such as a nation state. Well not until we all have access to the Internet and the time to vote on everything, and even then someone has to run the day to day stuff.

I don't think many trust more than they inevitably have to, in order to have a working system. But it's not like anyone has come forward with an plausible alternative to the existing status quo.

It is easier to point out flaws, and good to make folk aware, but it is difficult to offer the solution.
Production is the life blood of any society. As long as producers are willing to be held hostage to a majority who support a government that enforces redistribution at the point of a gun, we will all continue to be victims of the needy-greedy and slaves to our own ability.
//Do you think the Governments are a new God? //

No. We are at liberty to disagree with our government without incurring a penalty of eternal damnation.
Governments as a God? Don't you really have to have faith?

On the subject of never being taught about laws and Human Rights, this isn't really necessary since one can get a Defence Counsel to argue that for you (should a charge be faced).

I'm not sure about leading us into war post-Iraq. In the current climate, I'm not sure where the collective Governments are taking us...
I watched the Adam Curtis film "Bitter Lake" today (BBC iPlayer only; 2hrs, last few days' availability for download).

That was before I found this thread but its themes fit with it uncannily well.

It does not assert that Governments have become replacements for God, instead its closing remarks claim that we have replaced faiths with an empty culture of just banking and commerce.

Other central assertions by the film will likely cause my answer to be removed, so I will give you time to watch the film, if you can find the time/patience, before I discuss them further. (Any critique of the production is
probably best placed in an arts-review type thread, rather than cluttering this one).

Which god? There are hundreds of them.
The layers of 'illusion' are so thick that it allows the tyranny of the majority to be perpetuated by a tiny minority to that minority's advantage.
Methods of control were fine tuned in the 20th century using research by Burrhus Frederic Skinner, John B. Watson, Gustave Le Bon, Wilfred Trotter, Edward Louis Bernays etc., and seem invisible to the vast majority.
This guy may have been right and his rhetoric is applicable to every country>

Question Author
He is one man who could make babies with me. Completely aware of all the rubbish. Shame not a lot more people are like him
Ukanonymous ///He is one man who could make babies with me///

So, you may yet get 'in the club' :-)
///We are raised blind only to follow like sheep. I myself am trying to find away out of it but when so many sheep Baaíng away its very hard to escape.///

Ewe will have to ram home your point!!

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Religion May Be Dying But Do We Now Have God Among Us?

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