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nailit | 00:19 Sun 29th Jun 2014 | Religion & Spirituality
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I read on another thread that you used to live in a haunted house. Can you tell us a little more about what happened there? Im genuinely interested. One of my sisters seems to constantly have unexplained things happening to her and other members of my family have had 'spookey' experiences.
Anyone else lived in a haunted house or had experiences of the 'impossible'?


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>>>or had experiences of the 'impossible'?

I'm not really into believing ghosts (although I have met a lady, here in Suffolk, who relates some very convincing tales about 'Fred' who, she claims, haunts her house). However I still find one event in my life to be rather unusual.

Many years ago, my mother was told on New Year's Eve by her doctor that her cancer was incurable and that she'd be unlikely to see Easter. (She actually survived slightly longer). I mentioned my mother's plight to a former girlfriend around January but then didn't see her again before my mother's death. One evening in May my former girlfriend phoned me to say that she'd suddenly had a feeling that I might need support and that she just had to phone me. I politely thanked her for her call but I was left rather mystified by it. Later that evening my father called to tell me that my mother had died at the same time that my friend had felt the need to call me.
Well, I noticed that something was eating all the chocolate biscuits in the biscuit barrell recently. As I live alone and there is only my Yorkie for company, my suspicion immediately fell on him, But how could he open the cupboard, which is very high...he only has little legs ? So I thought it might be a ghost, or a poltergeist, or, at the very least, an elf or two.

Imagine my shock when I found out who had been at the was me after all !

As a student many years ago, I shared a house with 4 other women. We were all convinced the house was haunted, and so were the group of men who moved in after us - who we happened to meet at their freshers' ball.
It was things like weird noises in the night, items being moved, feelings of sinister beings in our rooms...
I do not believe in ghosts, and know now there are rational explanations for all the things that happened, but we were very spooked at the time.
Cloverjo what were the rational explanations for all these events?
I have always been a total non believer but Naomi has had my questioning my non-belief, I'm now bordering on being a sceptic.

Does that mean I'm sceptical about becoming sceptical?

Ok, this is going to make people say "why didn't you think that at the time, then?" But, anyway.
Noises in the night could have been caused by traffic passing and causing vibrations and movement. (None of had previously lived in places where traffic passed immediately outside the house.) could have come from next door. Things being moved - we might have forgotten we'd moved things ourselves, the other women might have tried to spook me by moving my stuff.
Feelings of sinister beings - I am convinced now that was Sleep Paralysis. I have experienced it a couple of times since then, and it is utterly terrifying, but still a natural occurence, nothing ghostly about it.
Co-incidences are all around us and at times of stress or grievance, they are all the more pronounced. They can comforting and when we are looking for a sign or a signal for some reason, they provide the perfect answer.
I echo your feelings on sleep paralysis there cloverjo, I went through quite a rough time a couple of years ago where I had some sinister experiences, these turned out to be sleep paralysis.

I have however had some spooky experiences that cant be explained so I am open minded about the whole spirit debate
Maydup, what about things that happen when you are not stressed or grieving (or asleep or having sleep paralysis) and you see a ghost. It happened to me.
cazzz1975, are you willing to share your experiences with us?
Thank goodness for that cloverjo ! I thought you were going to tell us a story about elves, or witches, or maybe poltergeists !

If all these things were happening in a house where you were alone, then further investigation would seem to be called for. But in a multi-occupational home, such things can normally be explained by another, more logical method. Hence the case of the disappearing bikkies !

When I lived in flats in my teens and twenties, lots of things went missing, like the 4 bottles of my home-made beer, but no ghosts were to blame, just a flatmate who came home drunk once a week and the temptation was too great for him. He denied it first but it was obvious later, when I dissolved lots of Senokot tablets in the 5th bottle and it became immediately obvious who was to blame !
Hi nailit, here goes. Frequently over a period of several years ……‘someone’ in what sounded like hobnail boots opening the front door, slamming it behind them and crashing across the hall and up the stairs; ‘someone’ apparently trying to kick the back door in; pictures jumping off shelves; the leaves of houseplant’s ‘dancing’ frantically’; heavy footsteps walking across upstairs rooms; ‘someone’ sitting on guests’ chests in the night’; items going missing for months before turning up in very ordinary places; all clocks and watches simultaneously losing an hour. Oddly, our ‘delusions’ and those of our guests who stayed in our house disappeared completely when we moved.
Look up Iain McPherson on Facebook, the New Inn, Goonhavern in Cornwall.

He was upstairs at 1am, the pub just closed down and all gone. A crash downstairs and what does he find on his CCTV. The place is smoke alarmed and they did not go off. Two incidents - the pub is know to be haunted and he's waiting for the SW Paranormal Soc to report back.......
DTC...what cause the crash ? Was it a bottle or glass falling off the bar ? What did he find on the CTC ? Was it Doris Stokes trying to get a free drink ?

I know the Pub you are referring to, although not well. I wouldn't mind betting that the footfall through his front door has increased since the reports of ghoulies and ghosties though !
Friends in the Southern Lakes had a Spanish Armada house that they used as a restaurant (bloody good roast duck!). If you remember your history, the Armada was forced northwards out of Calais when the fireboats went in, the wind and the English navy blockading the Channel, so the only way home was north to take on Scottish and Irish waters, the result being further decimation of the fleet all the way around Britain and Ireland and, of course, everything was scavenged.

Both these friends and my parents' old farmhouses had their main beams in the roof made from the ships' Spanish oak beams, the plank notches still evident in the wood, these friends even with a lot of the panelling still intact.

In true Lakes fashion, picture a large reception room of the front door, the restaurant - then two more sizeable rooms on the back-side, along with a loo. To the left as you went through to the rooms, a Jacobean staircase, quite 'shallow' and in two flights, the ceiling height only about 6.5 feet. One room was used as a bar, the other, closest to the stairs, their private lounge.

Over the years, a number of visitors and family saw a ghost of a 13 year old coming out of one of the bedrooms, down the stairs and turning left into the wall of their lounge.

One night they were sitting there in the lounge - with friends, enjoying a drink on a day off, when the letters 'Help' appeared in the ceiling, to the point that it had to be painted over - wouldn't wash out......

At that point, the Bish of Carlisle was called in, well his staff, for an exorcism....
Not, 'Ayudarme'?
He has no idea. The pub was closed and all doors locked and no alarms on those going off. It's all state of the art security as they have spent nearly half a mill on the upgrade of the place. Completely different now to the 'spit, sawdust and gristle' establishment that it was eighteen months ago.

The pub is on Arts, mikey, as I have recently completed artwork for them to use as postcards etc - just waiting the final numbers for prints. About a month ago.

I can see one way that this is going and how does an aetheist reconcile theory with what has been witnessed/sensed. To me that is easy.

Three hundred years ago, no one knew what tricity was - but they certainly saw and felt it, lightning, St Elmo's Fire, static shocks etc etc. I believe that there may be energy forms out there that we are yet to discover and that this concept of some 'spirit' shadow or legacy may well be tied to one of these energy forms, perhaps linking into the extra-perception sensory skills that some claim to have......
Similar to Chris. We were all out in the garden with the kids and I got a sudden sense over gloom come over me. No explanation and the people with me all noticed. Later that night I was told my aunt had been killed in a motorbike accident.
just run of the mill weirdness, when the kids were young they used to have a lot of those vtech toys that play music and have the alphabet and numbers on them, one evening when the kids were in bed all the toys (about 20) went off on their own and started playing music at the same time, as someone who is rational I could not pin down a sensible reason for this to happen as some of them were not in physical contact of each other, other weird stuff like sudden strong smells of perfume when it was just me in the house and the perfume is not something I would have used. I could not find anything in the house that resembled the smell and the windows were closed.

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