Why Are Jews Persecuted By Christians If They Were The Instruments Of Humankind's Salvation?

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Infomaniac | 13:35 Thu 08th Aug 2013 | Religion & Spirituality
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I do not understand why the Jews have been, and are still being in some quarters, persecuted by Christians.

Jesus was a Jew, as were his entire family, the people to whom he preached, and all of his followers and supporters. He probably would not recognize the Gentile religion created in his name by Paul of Tarsus, another Jew. Christian tradition blames the Jews for not recognizing Jesus’ divinity, and also blames them for his ignominious death by crucifixion. However, according to Christian theology, Jesus’ death was pre-ordained by God as the means through which the sins of the world were removed and humankind was saved. So why persecute those who were alleged to have brought about this wonderful salvation? Should they not instead be applauded for carrying out God’s intentions and helping save humankind? Similarly Judas Iscariot: if he really did betray Jesus, was he not simply carrying out God's wishes?


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Because the Jews had the money.
Question Author
Not in 30 AD they didn't, they were subject to the Romans.
The Diaspora brought Jewish people into contact with bigots in many other countries. They were different in faith, and to a degree in appearance, and that was enough for some to make them a target.
Yes, it's probably more complicated than all that. But for the most part I think what I said is true. There was a suspicion that Jewish people both had money and controlled it, which still pervades today in the great Zionist conspiracy, about which I know far more than I would wish to. That common theme probably explains most of the cases of Jewish persecution, at least as far as I know, but there are bound to be other factors of which I'm not aware.
Because according to Christianity the Jews killed Jesus.
Why do jews persecute palestinians?
If that was the case whould there be much anti-Semitism in countries which aren't Christian?
What is it with these Abrahamic religions? Supposedly they all came from the same source and pray to the same god yet are literally at each others throats hoping to eradicate each other from the face of the earth. It's like a global version of the Jeremy Kyle show.
The zionists, in their dealings with the Palestinians, are reluctant to take the one step that assures a successful land grab.
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Jim & Sandy - I am sure these are factors but don't explain why they are blamed for helping bring about humankind's salvation. Naomi - as I said, if they did kill him they were fulfilling God's will so why persecute them?
Well, the Jews didn’t kill him – but that’s beside the point. Like all religious people, Christians don’t worry about rationality. I don’t think Christians have ever perceived it as you do. As far as they’re concerned, the Jews were offered the chance of salvation, but they didn’t recognise the Messiah. It would be more accurate to say the Romans brought about salvation for the Christians - not the Jews - and therefore the Romans carried out God's wishes. It’s an interesting concept though.
And poor Judas, a necessary catspaw villified down through the ages.
Question Author
The Romans put him to death, but the gospel writers imply that it was at the behest of the Jews. Matthew & Mark say imply that the Jews alone are responsible for the death, Luke claims that the Jews insisted that Jesus should die, and John claims the Jews chose Barabbas to be released rather than Jesus. So the gospel writers (all writing many years after the event) try to put the blame on the Jews who, if they were guilty of this, were also guilty of carrying out God's wishes. That is the paradox.
But why would so many sane people expose themselves to ridicule like that?

No one is keen on immigrants. Doubly so if they don't like to mix but want to keep their group pure. Makes for an easy scapegoat, which seems to be the case for centuries. Not sure what it has to do with Jesus etc. though.
Infomaniac The gospels accounts of the arrest, trial, and crucifixion demonise the Jews, and that was the intention of the early church. The Romans wouldn’t have taken the slightest interest in a wandering Jewish healer – one of many at the time – but I don’t think the story was anything like that recorded.

You might find this of interest.

Jim, I don't know what you mean. Who exposed themselves to ridicule?
It is all tribal squabbling and xenophobia...everyday life for most people.
Yes of course (if you believe the tale) it was the Romans who killed Jesus. But then this new religion formed by Paul wanted to spread into the pagan countries of Greek and Rome. It was a bit embarrassing to have to tell Romans that they were the people who killed the very chap they were now being invited to treat as a god.
Hence the shift of the blame to the Jews, an act in which has been called The Greatest Libel.
The dubious story reflects this by (a) having the Sanhedrin break all Jewish legal rules for meeting when they did and going about their 'trial' in that illegal way (b) Pilate's extraordinary behaviour in being indulgent to the Jewish mob when he normally just slaughtered such assemblies and (c) why people who only hours before were welcoming Jesus into Jerusalem with loud hosannas were now demanding his death.

Most of the Jesus story is suspect but that part of it is demonstrably absurd.

It all started with pork and genitals. Many Jews realised that the thousands of Romans and non Jews were enjoying roast pork and had a better sex life. So becoming Christians was an easy way out .
The Rabbis and the Zealots demonstrated animosity against the Christians and the Romans who in turn retaliated. Some say the Zealots acted against the Christians out of 'jealousy' ( that's where the name Zealot comes from ) because the Christians had a better life.

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