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naomi24 | 08:43 Wed 07th Aug 2013 | Religion & Spirituality
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This emanates from another thread where two people who have been raised as Christians and have and do argue here in favour of religion dismissed the notion that people see ghosts. The question is if you believe that human beings possess a spirit, or a soul, that survives corporal death, why do you doubt that ‘ghosts’ exist?


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So perhaps it is true then Baldric, that when you were there people really did see the Loch Ness Monster, albeit confined to a small space!

Naomi, from the outset (page 1), to christians, the spirit (holy or otherwise) occupies itself in a spiritual realm that is unseeing to human eyes. Other than the authored biblical accounts what holy spirit are the collective religious claiming to see?
//A snapshot of you in budgie smugglers//

I've read about this kind of request being made on the internet. I think it's called grooming.
True, I should have expected somebody to be standing beside the water in their Sunday best.

Sorry Baldric, you're not my type.
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Octavius, well, bearing in mind religion is dependant upon the bible, it's not really relevant to say 'other than authored biblical accounts', but that aside some of the religious claim to see ghosts - the rest just claim to know for certain that one exists that no one can see.
Yes, I know that.

Phew, saved by the bell!
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Octavius, So are they wrong about it? You implied they are but now seem to be pussyfooting. Could you clarify please?
I maintain that I do not believe that those who claim to have seen ghosts have seen ghosts. No pussyfooting from me.

Baldric, I would have let you down more gently, but didn't want ludwig reporting me.
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Octavius, so ghosts exist but no one can see them. Right. That’s that one sorted. ;o)
Well it started at post nr 2 by OG, but you got there in the end.
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Octavius, I got there in the beginning, but there have been a lot of interruptions. They exist but no one can see them. How daft. Got to wonder how anyone knows they're there. :o)
i have seen a lot of ghost, i have expirienced things that if i told you then i think you would think im crazy, ive done ouja board etc when i was younger. afterwards i seen a pyciatrist , he clearly thought i was mad, he told me what i seen was a result of alcohol withdrawal but i and others seen what happened many times so we all must have been coming off alcohol withdrawal, he also said it was flash backs as i had used lsd a few years previously but i know that is bull, because i know what a flash back is and i know what i see in real life.

I'm sure you do beez,
"They exist but no one can see them. How daft. Got to wonder how anyone knows they're there"

You understand religion less than I gave you credit for. My bad.
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Octavius, Oh I understand religion, but it's completely irrational to say that people who claim to see ghosts are mistaken/delusional/potty, or whatever, without applying the same criteria to people who believe that ghosts exist but can't be seen. I would have thought the latter carried with it even less rationality.
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ps. Your bad what?

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