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Dear Religious People..

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sara3 | 10:01 Thu 28th Mar 2013 | Religion & Spirituality
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do you think you are leading a better life than us non-believers?

are you reaping any rewards for your beliefs?

and do you attend church/mosque/etc regularly?


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Sara3, from my observation, AB's small contingent of religists only come here to proselytize and if anyone tries to interact, well it's like trying to interact with the DWP ie. they'll only interact if someone uses a few of their pre-programmed keywords.
04:40 Fri 29th Mar 2013
Since it has often been accepted that peace of mind comes with a faith in something looking over you, I suspect they do reap an immediate reward (not to mention anything promised in any afterlife).

One needs to define a better life. Better for whom ? In what way ?
Question Author
I don't know to be honest, Old_Geezer, I've just read comments that suggest a slightly superior stance ;o)
To start with you will have to describe "better"?
Hello sara3, it all depends what type of life you lead.
from what i have seen its usually the chapel roof that gets blown off by the twister.........
Of course they are leading a better life then us atheists.

The Bible tells them so and insists that they don't question it.
Why are you non religouis people pre occupied with what religous people believe or dont beleive ( what ever religous means )

Religion / being religous are very oversued terms.
Being religous does not mean you are going to enter into the kingdom of heaven
Bazile I agree. The mon believers seem to be preoccupied with what the believers are thinking. And trying to convince them that the are believing in fairy tails and as for blindly believing what is in the the bible that is also a myth. Get on and live your own life with worrying about the religious people they will be ok without your concern.
Bazile //Why are you non religouis people pre occupied with what religous people believe or dont beleive //

Because the religious continue to demand that their philosophy be upheld as the basis for public policy.

For example the religious insist that same sex marriage not be allowed because their stupid books written by ancient ignorant men say that homosexuality is an abomination.

The House of Lords includes members who hold the position for no more reason than their religious affiliation.

Religion must be recognised for the bigotry and prejudice that it clearly is and religious people driven out of public office.
//Because the religious continue to demand that their philosophy be upheld as the basis for public policy. //

'the religous ' continue to demand ' - really ?

There are people of a particular faith who have certain beliefs .
Some of those beliefs are not accepted by others in society and laws have been brought in to ensure non descrimination .

If you believe , fine - if you dont believe , fine - just get on with your life as you see fit .

And those laws of non-discrimination have been fought tooth and nail by the religious leaders all the way.

Many are still fighting against same sex marriage and women's rights.
Discrimination in favour of the religious is still rife.

For example, the religious still ring loud bells on Sunday morning in many places. It is a practice that would not be tolerated from ordinary folk.

When the right of religion is scaled back to match the rest of society then I will consider ending my campaign against their bigotry.


Every Saturday evening two cars park outside my house, the eight people set up loudspeakers and preach to us for about an hour. If I went to their house and played music at the volume and length they do, I would be arrested for breach of the peace. I did complain once and the following Saturday they were accompanied by a Police car, so the religious people can do things in public that others cannot, this is discrimination.
no yes no
no,no,no, I'm not religious.
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Question Author
thanks for all the replies. to be fair, I thought the religious and non-religious questioned each others beliefs/lack of, on here and elsewhere. I certainly don't see it as one way, or an attack on those who believe. I am not preoccupied, worried or concerned about religious people!

MrsLulu, I lead a good and non-religious life.

vulcan, I'm shocked!
@ Vulcan - That does sound pretty bad - can you just expand a little on what happens? I would not have thought they could have licence to do that kind of thing.....
I think theists must be permanently frustrated , never having their prayers answered , never getting the rewards their clerics promise them and worst of all seeing all those atheists enjoying life. Think of all those pilgrims going to Lourds every year only to be told less than 0.1% report any improvement.

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Dear Religious People..

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