A question for Muslim men: why virgins?

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chakka35 | 11:21 Tue 21st Aug 2012 | Religion & Spirituality
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I’m not talking just about the 72 virgins (actually white raisins) promised to suicide bombers as a reward for their murderous atrocities. I gather that ordinary law-abiding Muslim men require their brides to be virgins too and can divorce them on their wedding night if they turn out not to be so.

What is the appeal of the virgin?

It cannot be virginity itself since that soon disappears. I can’t help thinking (and I would be happy to be proved wrong) that it has nothing to do with love or even sex but is a matter of possession. The man insists on knowing that he is the first to ‘possess’ the woman and will not have her if he has already been ‘possessed’ by another man. Is this so? If not, what is it?

(On a frivolous note, give me an experienced woman every time. I go along with Professor Harold Hill, played so brilliantly by Robert Preston in “The Music Man”, who sings:

“I flinch, I shy, when the lass with the delicate air goes by.
I smile, I grin, when the gal with a touch of sin walks in”.)

But the question itself is meant seriously.


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Wasn't Di thought to be an ideal bride for Charles because being a young gal from good family she's be unsullied?
Maybe - but if she had been 'sullied', she wouldn't have been ostracised by her family or stoned to death by the community. There would still have been plenty of men eager to marry her.
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Well, that seems to be it. No answer from a Muslim except from the incohent keyplus, who was happy to insult every woman who has had sex before marriage - - and presumably after widowhood?

On a minor matter, ludwig, the 'Howard' was a typo; the Professor in The Music Man was Harold Hill.
//and presumably after widowhood? //

... only if they have sex without re-marrying - presumably. Religion seems to have an obsession with sex.
It is strange that god who does not have a gender is so obsessed with sex, If we didn't know better we could be forgiven for thinking that religions are made up by indeed they are :-)
It's a good question isn't it? Why would an a-sexual God be so obsessed with sex? Why would he/she/it seem fixated on the virginity (or lack thereof) of women when the virginity of men seems completely inconsequential?

It's completely inane to think that a creator deity would place so much importance on whether or not a woman has had penetrative sexual intercourse. It is even more moronic that a great many religious people share this bizarre fascination and it is therefore no surprise to find that certain members of AB have accepted without question this absurd notion that a woman who has had sex (for whatever reason) outside of marriage is automatically of 'bad character'.

There are a great many things which point to religion being entirely man-made and not divinely inspired. The obsession with female virginity is a case in point.
to be honest, i think muhammed is a true prophet not a pedophile... a true and honourable prophet, just like the saat guru nanak dev ji.

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A question for Muslim men: why virgins?

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