Defending the theist's corner comes at no small price...

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sandyRoe | 14:35 Mon 19th Mar 2012 | Religion & Spirituality
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While at my ablutions this morning I couldn't help but notice that my nostril hairs had all turned white overnight. I put this down to the stress of trying to defend theism from the cunning agnostics and atheists who frequent R&S.
My question is this. Was I right to lay down the heavy burden and let younger and better qualified theists carry on the good fight?


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Since hair is dead tissue, there is no way that it could have turned white overnight unless it had been bleached.

I would suggest you have been assaulted while asleep and should attempt to identify the culprit(s) before they do it to anyone else.
It was that succubus again! you know the one with the muddy boots and dressed only in reeds.
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Hard to believe that hair is dead tissue. I know a widow woman who's hair turned blond overnight just after her sad loss.
And were her garments also held together with baler twine??
telogen effluvium.
That's a condition rather than a blessing Woof?
Its O.K. sandy. My dog had a similar experience in that the hair round his eyes has turned white. He got very pally with the decorator.
I know a young lad who after a traumatic experience went grey.
You are right to do what you decided was best for you.
You are almost there sandy. At least you are starting to realise that your crusade is futile because most modern folks are now awake to brainwashing and make educated decisions based on realism.

Get yourself one of these...

Only a tenner and no more grey hooter-hair!

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Defending the theist's corner comes at no small price...

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