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Practice Driving Test

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DavideMexia | 16:05 Mon 21st Feb 2011 | Society & Culture
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Today i have passed my theory test. 48/50 and 62/75 (HP test).

Now i will be working at my driving. I know how to drive a car. It is about confidence in the road but at the moment i dont have a car, my brother he has his car but i am to afraid to touch it. What would you advice me to do ? Would the lessons be enough for your driving test ? Coz i am thinking to take just 5 lessons !
Moreover, I dont know how the driving exams works in the united kingdom. Can you please tell me how long the exam takes? Half an hour? what question do the examiner asks you? Do they ask you to open the bonnet? What manouvres you need to know ? what kind of questions do they ask you ?

Thanks in advance!
Please only people who passed their driving test recently!


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My passed in December.

He had about 6 months of lessons once a week and practice with a car on a regular basis and was a pretty confident driver.

I think your chances with 5 lessons and no practice are I'm afraid non-existant.

there is also now a section where the examiner tells to to take him somewher by the road signs and you have to navigate and drive whist he watches.

Your main problem is that there are a number of test routes and a local instructor will know them and take you on them so that you become familliar with them

Here are the specifics
Sorry that should have said my son passed in December
Question Author
Thank you for your answer!

How much did you pay for your son's driving lesson's? If he had 6 months lesson's, once a week, that is 24 lesson's. How much is each lesson? I think they are much expensive. I can't afford that many.

I have a budget for the driving licence and it cannot go over a certain amount. : )
We were paying £24 for an hour - as he got closer to the test we had to go to an hour and a half because we live in the country and they had to drive to and from where the test routes were.

Prices vary - we used this guy because he lived down the road from us and several people recommended him - he had a good first time pass record, which my son added to.

I think that's the best way to find an instructor - personal recommendation. I think the Big schhols like AA, RED, BSM etc tend to just be franchises that just end up bumping up the price
Thing is if you're that pressed for money are you going to be able to afford the insurance? - newly passed drivers are typically paying several thousand pounds a year.

My son's a named driver on my wife's car and that's costing £1800 a year (about £400 a year for her alone)
Question Author
Jesus, thats a lot.

If i am buying a car it wont be in my name. It will be in my mother's name. My motther is over 50 so i get a good discount in the insurance. I wont be paying that much i hope. I know that some people pays 3000 pounds year. thats incridible..

24£ pounds is expensive for just one hour of driving. I probably will need less than 24. 24 is 576 pounds. Thats how much i am paying for university fees every two months. : )

Thank you for your answers. I appreciaste
so the car will be your mums? watch you are not "fronting" ie claiming the car is hers when its really yours and she doesnt use it.

as for driving practice, I think you should book some time with an instructor and ask them if they feel you are good enough to put in for the test
Question Author
I will pay the car myself and the insurance, but the registred keeper i want it to be my mothers. I think this is possible i suppose ?
I think you're going to be sadly disappointed about insurance.

We live in a rural area, my wife has 5 years No Claims Bonus and the car's a 15 year old Fiesta - not bottom of the insurance table but pretty low.

We managed to scrape just under the grand while he was learning as a named driver but went up to the equivilent of £1,800 a year after he passed.

He's 17 but even so unless you're 25 I'd be really surprised if you can get insurance much less than that.

Look into it - you may find that it's simply too expensive and you'd be better continuing when you've got a Job.

Also if you're at University with the car it won't be difficult for the insurers to show that you're the main driver. Then you could be had up for fraud.
Question Author
It's not fraude i suppose.

I have a daewoo lanos bought recently however my brother put some money towards the car and my dad another half towards the price of the car. The car cost 3290. My dad is the registered keeper and he uses entirelly for work purpose. My brother uses the car exporadically, like once or twice in a month and for short journeys. He never been caught or stopped by police. My mum would in this case be the main keeper and i will be using it for short distances only.

My insurance company is saga but i have previously lived in portugal and i have a discount for being in the company for 20 years as well as the my parents age discount. I just want to use this benefit .
if its your mums car and shepays for it and uses it majority of time then its not fronting. If you use the car all the time and just use your mums name as cover to try and reduce your insurance payments then it is fronting.

went from //If i am buying a car it wont be in my name. It will be in my mother's name.// to //I have a daewoo lanos bought recently however my brother put some money towards the car// in 25 minutes.

How do you think you're gonna fool the insurance co.?
You have to consider two things carefully.

If you are not living at the address that the car is registered to - and you have an accident it will be very easy for the insurance company to refuse the claim as fronting. Even if they don't prosecute you you will be liable for any damage and have to pay yourself.

Secondly the cost - If you can't find £24 a week for lessons I think you're not going to be able to run a car.

As I say I think you'll find the insurance alone will be that but your Lanos does about 35 mpg that's about 8 miles per litre with petrol nearly £1.30 per litre, 100 miles will cost you £16 alone

Road tax is £235 a year and then there are the repair bills to get through the MOT. It's going to cost you say £50 to replace a tyre that becomes worn.

You need to think about this carefully because you may spend a lot of money getting your license and find that you can't afford to run a car and end up getting yourself in trouble financially.

You might be better off saving the money for a year or so until you're in a permanent job
5 lessons? No chance.

My son has been learning for almost a year, can drive very well, but has failed his test twice.
Question Author
okei let it go.

redcrx: I dont know yet. Probabily will not cnsider to buy a car.

I know you are right jake-the-peg, thanks for your answer.

I will consider it.

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