What is most important to Christians, morals or following their faith and the writings in the bible?

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RATTER15 | 09:46 Thu 13th May 2010 | Society & Culture
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Well I ask this because the two cannot possibly go together!

For instance: is it morally right for the likes of Mother Theresa (dead now thankfully) and other catholic figures to publicly preach and condemn the use of condoms on religious grounds, whilst millions of people are dying of aids.
In civilised countries we all now that condoms will prevent this dreadful disease, many of the areas that Mother Theresa visited were far remote villages and the only information they had on condoms were from the likes of Mother Theresa. She has single handed accounted for the advice that lead to the death of hundreds of thousands of people.

I hasten to add that Mother Theresa even questioned her own faith in her darkest hours when dying!!


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Someone should start writing it then...!!!!

I read that one Naomi...
Ratter, this has really made me think! I've never thought of this issue you have raised in regards Mother Teresa..
dzug2, Actually, if we're talking about decent human moral principles, which I presume we are, I think there is a moral inconsistency there, because the church denies human nature. It teaches that birth control is wrong, it teaches that sex outside marriage is wrong, and yet it accepts that babies will be born with infections. Although the church is quite aware that the use of condoms would prevent much suffering in the world it refuses to alter its stance. What's worse? The use of a condom, or a child being born only to suffer and die? According to the church, using a condom is by far the greater wrong. Where is the morality in that?
And that's why I cherry pick.....

If the Catholic church had it's way I'd have about 15 kids by now. Luckily my Father chose our happiness over his faith...!!
It's not an inconsistency - it's the church regarding morals as more important than the prevention of suffering.

I personally would disagree with that but it's a perfectly logical view.

In a way the teaching is that human beings must overcome their nature in order to achieve... well whatever the church is trying to get them to achieve.
Well, in that case we have to ask if the morals of the church are ... moral?
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SandyRoe - “Every line in the bible is Gods word. We ignore it at our peril.”

I think you may have made a typo in your above statement. Surely you meant,

“Every line in the bible is Gods word. We believe it at our peril”?
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Question Author
Well said Birdie !!!
Is there no place for irony here?
Perhaps it would be more reasonable to suspect it was the devil wrote that book.
^^ Or maybe the devil in disguise?????

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What is most important to Christians, morals or following their faith and the writings in the bible?

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