What is most important to Christians, morals or following their faith and the writings in the bible?

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RATTER15 | 09:46 Thu 13th May 2010 | Society & Culture
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Well I ask this because the two cannot possibly go together!

For instance: is it morally right for the likes of Mother Theresa (dead now thankfully) and other catholic figures to publicly preach and condemn the use of condoms on religious grounds, whilst millions of people are dying of aids.
In civilised countries we all now that condoms will prevent this dreadful disease, many of the areas that Mother Theresa visited were far remote villages and the only information they had on condoms were from the likes of Mother Theresa. She has single handed accounted for the advice that lead to the death of hundreds of thousands of people.

I hasten to add that Mother Theresa even questioned her own faith in her darkest hours when dying!!


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Well I'm Catholic but believe we need to move with the times.

That could be because that Catholicism didn't suit my needs though...

I do believe in God.
Question Author
But Ummm, isn't that just choosing the bits of Christianity and the bible that you want to believe in and pretending the other bits aren't there?

The Bible doesn't move with the times, if it was written to be believed, shouldn't all Christians follow the writings therein? or is it OK to just cherry pick the good parts? where in fact the larger part of the old testament is based on promoting murder, death, cruelty, slavery and the worst sexist punishments ever!
RATTER....I'm happy to cherry pick. I never said I was a 'good'
Question Author
Fair enough, at least your an honest christian lol
An Honest Christian thats going to hell though!
I use to be more religious....until my Mum became a 'born again'....

Dad's a Catholic, Mum's was a Protestant .... now she's nuts...!!!!!
Every line in the bible is Gods word. We ignore it at our peril.
Why's that Serminator?

I don't believe I will be.
The only person I know (in the real world) that has read the Bible cover to cover is my Uncle....The Atheist...
Question Author
Very true, Atheist love to read the Bible, unfortunatly ummm, if the bible is right you will go to hell unless you follow the bible to the letter!!

If I am wrong I will see you there :)

I wont be loosing a lot of sleep over it lol :)
Question Author
OK, I'm lazy and forgot to use the spell checker, strike me down!!!!
Told you I cherry pick. I don't believe that.

We cannot believe a book that was written sooooo long ago has to be followed to the letter in the modern world.

Plus....I'm an unmarried mother of 3 :-)
Also....God forgives everything if you repent. So as long as I repent each night...I'm pretty
I think that any sane person would think that it is morally wrong to insist on biblical or chucrch lead teachings above the evidence of preventible death through the use of items such as condoms.

However,as always, the arguments are slightly more complicated than that. When considering these issues, and concluding that those of a fervent religious persuasion are either blind or wilful, t is worth bearing in mind that those believers who advocate that religious beliefs should take precedence over the empirical are also implicit believers in an eternal afterlife of either heavenly paradise or hellish damnation, and that by using a condom, or, in the case of jehovahs witnesses, refusing blood or blood component transfusion, one is putting ones eternal soul at risk - And for believers, thats a far more terrible alternative.

Nonsense, of course, but worth bearing in mind...... :)
And if you follow the bible to the letter, ummmm, you'll have to kill your kids when they're disobedient. SandyRoe, take note.

Ummmm, love the bit about your mum being nuts. How funny! :o)
She is

My Dad use to say that she'd joined a cult....haha
I know what you mean. I think all Born Agains are nuts. See my question here:

To answer your question, Ratter, it seems to me that following their faith is more important. Your example of the church's teaching on the use of condoms is an excellent one. When they condone that, they deny human nature and voluntarily abandon decent human moral principles. So much for Christian compassion.
If you don't believe that the book is relevant then you're going against gods will!!

Maybe he should send Moses back down to alter his own commands?(Didn't know the will of god would be so easily swayed because his own creations don't like his/her laws!)

If god were real then YOU have disobeyed his laws and the consequence is hell!
It's laid out in black and white and until there is another book that updates the old one then thats what will happen!
There's no moral inconsistency. You condemn condoms. You condemn premarital sex. You may well condemn sex other than directly for procreation.

Where things fall apart is when one of these rules is broken and the consequences can be alleviated by breaking another one. Do you stop condemning one or both of them? Or neither?

I don't know the answer by the way. I can't personally live with that level of contradiction

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What is most important to Christians, morals or following their faith and the writings in the bible?

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