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123everton | 00:31 Thu 17th Dec 2009 | Society & Culture
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Is environmentalism, protests etc, a white middle class thing?


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No, this is a white middle class thing:
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Looks like a 100% organic fair trade cotton to me.
not necessarily. The protest movement generally grew out of the civil rights movement in the US in the 50s and 60s, so at least half black, I would have said. The antiwar movement came a bit laterand that involved all colours too, though obviously more whites (because there are more whites in the US as here).

Environmentalism isn't particularly colour-coded but it draws more concern in better-off nations, which do tend to be white. Chinese and Ugandans have other things to worry about; it's white countries who are in a better position to make sacifices, if they want.
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I'm thinking about the likes of Swampy (very middle clsss), the Copenhagen demo (all seemed white), the road bypass protests of the 90s etc, the Stansted runway invasion, they all look very white to me.
Yes well I wonder how many 3rd world demonstraters have EU visas and the funds to travel.

I rather suspect the ethnic make up might be different were it being held in India or Taiwan

But then "Climate skeptics" fall into a bit of a group :

"More likely than average to be high income, well-educated, white men... much more likely to be very conservative Republicans... strongly endorse individualistic values, opposing any form of government intervention, anti-egalitarian, and almost universally prefer economic growth over environmental protection... have a specialized media diet, with a higher than average preference for media sources that reflect their own political point of view."
not really. did you see the protesters in the original poll tax riots? new age travellers, goths, weekend rave dancers.....

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