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Whipped for being raped.

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Bewlay Bros | 17:16 Sun 18th Nov 2007 | Society & Culture
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Just read a lovely news article about a woman in Saudi Arabia is set to receive up to a 100 lashes for being the victim of a rape.

Yes, the rapists have been caught and will receive up to 10 years in prison and a thousand lashes (quite right) but because one of the rapists was married, the victim has committed adultery.

I know I have asked this a dozen times before, but can the Taliban supporting, left wing Ken Livingstone sucking, pro-human rights, muslim loving marxists on here reassure me this is OK.

You support these foul countries and the barbaric religion, therefore is it fair to say that rape victims should be punished if the offenders are married??

Explain to me how on the one hand you support different cultures, but on the other hand you support female rights.

I am far more intelligent than any left wing looney in the entire world, but I really can't understand your stance.

Thank you.


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To think that there is a sizeable minority that would like to introduce sharia law into the U.K. , and have even asked to set up their own sharia courts, is frightening.
Adherents to the koran are stuck in the 7th century, and they want to impose it here.
The unholy alliance between politically correct left wing liberals, and right wing islamofascists is breathtaking, and is an aspect of the threat against traditional British culture that is the subject of my thread below.
every British govt (and in fairness US govt also) for the past several decades has dealt with Saudi, and turned a blind eye to human rights abuses. If the money stopped, some of this could change.
Firstly let me assure you of my abhorrence for this situation; but I believe the crime for which she is being punished is getting into a car with an unrelated man. We may feel she has been punished enough, but the letter of the law apparently does not.
Question Author
Getting in a car with an unrelated man???

Oh why didn't you say so.

Deserves all she gets then.

Welcome to allah!!!!
I suggest that since you find this act abhorrent you start protesting against the Saudis. Maybe you should start by not purchasing anything from Saudi.

On the basis that you want all Muslims to die and nothing will change that fact, there is very little point being constructive in a reply.
Islam is the greatest ever threat to Western values and way of life. PC blindness will destroy our society. Read the Koran, go on, read it, in as close a translation as English can get to the glorious original.

It is a savage culture, entirely unforgiving, it is all take take take - no give.

Wake up Britain before it is too late - but alas it is now too late. Allah the most beneficient, the most merciful, and chop chop off goes her head, in public. Coming soon to Bradford.
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Islam treats both men and women equally and a woman victim of rape cannot be blamed for the crime that happened to her. There is no where in the Quran any indication to blame the rape victim instead of blaming the rapist. When and if this happens, it does not represent Islam but represents cultural understanding and man made laws, not God's commands in the Quran.
Saudi Arabia does not represent Islam, the Quran does. As most of the laws in S.A. are made by corrupt, ill educated kings, princes and preachers in that country, I wouldn't get so wound up what they do over there.
whiffey & wizard - if you thing the Koran is bad, try reading the Bible - it is just as bad if not worse
I was shocked by this story too, particulary gven the warm welcome we have recently given King Abdullah.

For accuracy's sake, she was initially sentenced to 100 lashes and the rapists were sentenced too. As you have said she was punished for contravening laws on the segregation of sexes. The victim decided to appeal and it was following this that her lashes were doubled to 200 and a jail sentence imposed, as well as the rapists' sentences being doubled. Her increased punishment was due to her 'trying to use the media to undermine the judiciary'. Her lawyer has also been suspended and under investigation.

I do not understand anywhere near enough about Islam to know whether this law was derived from the religion or instead the Saudi state. Applying my own values to it is a somewhat futile exercise, and I cant speak for Ken but I do NOT find it OK ,and even before this case wondered what we were doing welcoming Kind A to our thankfully more enlightened shores.
What goes off in other countries is entirely their business, but the laws here should be the ones which WE set.
Do you know where your petrol comes from Bewlay?
So you are not supporting Saudi or any other country following the Koran or any other despicable acts under their own Laws?

Question Author
My petrol comes from Shell, on the Brighton Road, silly.
;D lol xxx

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Whipped for being raped.

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