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Do Australians have Regional Accents ?

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tellboy | 09:25 Mon 02nd Jul 2007 | Society & Culture
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In the UK it is fairly easy to distinguish regional accents.
Does anyone know (perhaps an Aussie) if the different States in Australia have the same sort of thing ?


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Apparently so. I'm not an Aussie myself but I've read this. There are regional accents according to state and area, e.g. the accent of Queensland is more of a drawl. There are also differences in class accents. Traditionally at least, a posh accent is more anglified, whereas a more common accent is broad 'strine'.
one of the observations in linguistics is that

a language mutates fastest at its point origin

this means that in far away places, the languages is less mutated and preserves nineteenth century uses
and also tends to be more uniform

So even if the answer is yes, they should be less marked than in Dear Old Blighty

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Do Australians have Regional Accents ?

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