Online turning into Offline??

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Clintuk | 18:08 Wed 15th Nov 2006 | Society & Culture
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Hey guys, I know this may seem a peculiar question, but here goes.....I've been talking to a girl on the internet for about 6/7 months now and she wants to meet up. Thing is, my family and friends are so narrowminded they'd ridicule me, tell me i was a fool and probably try to stop me. But I don't want to meet her and tell her that I lied about where I was going to protect my "dignity" as it were.....I want her to know that people know, but it's so wierd...I many of you guys would consider meeting an internet friend, im so confused.


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arrange to meet outside tesco or why and then peep around a corner and check who is standing still - if she is a dawg simply push off
Just meet her. Your not proposing marriage or anything. If you dont hit it off you dont. End of story.
Its none of anybody elses business how you met. Meet her at whereever you agree to meet then when people want to know where you met it was there wasn't it. She probably has the same issue and if you are going to form a relationship then you need to be open about it and discuss this from the beginiing. There is a lot of stigma attached to people meeting on line or from personal ads etc but thousands still do it so there shouldn't be. But you need to discuss with her whether its out in the open or between the two of you
I met my partner through an internet dating agency, we met 4 years ago and have been living together for the last 2 years. I was embarrassed about it at first but for me it was easier than going into a pub/club hoping to get chatted up!!!

It's nobody elses business how you met!

I hope you go for it and have a good time.
This is YOUR life, you don't need to tell her that other people know what you were doing on what day and what time in fact she might be even put off. Don's idea of maybe meeting up in front of Tescos or whatever could be a good idea as you can say you have two or three things to buy and this would avoid 'meeting someone for the first time' awkwardness. I know of quite a few couples who met this way. Good luck!
One of my friends - a barrister - met his other half this way and she's absolutely lovely in every possible way. If other people think it's strange, it's their problem not yours and certainly not hers.

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Online turning into Offline??

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