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Has Just Stop Oil Gone To Far

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CrapatCryptics2 | 07:31 Thu 20th Jun 2024 | Society & Culture
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This bunch of idiots spraying Stonehenge, what relevance is that to their campaign. Now they`ve broken into Stansted and sprayed Taylor Swifts plane. If they had any support I`m sure it must be dwindling.



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They didn't spray paint Taylor Swift's, but still a senseless thing to do to any plane.

I wonder if the paint was oil based

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They lost all the support of the Swifties which judging by the gigs is a considerable amount

They should be rounded up and slung in a gulag style camp.

"only an old painting"

"only a pile of old stones"

"only a private jet"

the legal system seems to take into account "only a" when handing down sanction, meaning there's practically no deterrent and they get emboldened to go further. how far is authority prepared to let them go - until serious injury is occasioned?

Gather them up, put them in a cage and spray them with orange dye.


When they go home are they conected to the electrical grid.  how they get to the places they vandalise, how do they get back home?

Do they wear clothes, do they eat food?                         

All of these are produced using oil.

Yes, I think that they are now living in a self-supporting bubble.

they say they will be targeting airports next

How can anybody still support their cause and justify the Stonehenge vandalism?? It is beyond reason. I think I saw this mentioned on another thread but how the hell did they get anywhere near the stones, the public have been kept at a massive arms length for years. The same question for getting through security withtheir orange wares at art galleries etc. They must have inside help.

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Has Just Stop Oil Gone To Far

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