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Were All Tory Mps Supporting Brexit As Stupid As This Woman?

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Hymie | 14:53 Sun 26th May 2024 | Society & Culture
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She is now demanding that what was inevitable as a result of Brexit, is reversed to help tourism in her constituency.


I have little sympathy for such fools who vote for something (and encourage others to follow suit), and then complain about what they voted for.



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No more stupid than the 52% who voted for Brexit of which many have changed their minds since.

And of course surely it's right to want to try to tweak things that aren't working. Or do you think everyone ho voted Leave should shut up and not try to change anything?

\\A Conservative MP who campaigned for Brexit has joined growing calls to ease the ban on travel to the UK by European school groups//

Thats funny, I was stood outside of my workplace in Bristol and a large group of French students walked past.

But she is just another who voted for Brexit,but wants the benefits of being in the EU without the pain of being outside the EU.Like a few of my work-mates,they voted for Brexit and then were unpleasantly surprised when Brexit took place.

More gibberish by the unthinking. If the UK and EU member nations wanted such a pass they could agree to it. While they don't it isn't Brexit causing an inevitable problem, it's governments exercising their right to reject something.

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Were All Tory Mps Supporting Brexit As Stupid As This Woman?

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