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Is It Wrong Not To Help The Homeless?

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Cindy1302 | 06:29 Wed 08th May 2024 | Society & Culture
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I live in a small town on the oregon coast, over the past several years, a lot of homeless people showed up. A lot of them are using drugs, and just leaving piles of garbage everywhere. The other day a man overdosed in his tent right next to the highway. There are also a lot of trailers on the side of the highway  that have been there for months. There is an election going on. From my understanding the measure would put a certain amount of money into public safety. So like bathrooms, and living areas for the homeless. My mom said that it would also raise her property taxes, and I'd feel bad voting "yes" on the measure, and cause that. My mom is telling me to vote "no" because she basically wants the homeless people to *** off wherever they came from. San Francisco, Portland, etc. That makes me feel kinda bad because I'm sure a lot of the homeless around here are suffering from mental health issues, and a lot of them are probably homeless because of no fault of there own, but i still dont want them here, because it makes our once beautiful town look like a dump. What do you think?



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Seems like it's a huge problem - your fretting over it isn't going to make any difference.

Maybe the state needs to work out why they have the worst homeless issue. Is it because they have failed to build affordable housing, or are they somehow attracting the nation's homeless there ? The problem needs analysing if any tried solution is going to have a chance to work. Plus whatever is done will cost public money, no point trying to avoid that if you want things to change for the better.

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Is It Wrong Not To Help The Homeless?

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