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Charlotte Church Called A ‘Naive Idiot’ By The No. 1 Idiot, Himself

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Hymie | 21:47 Sat 02nd Mar 2024 | Society & Culture
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Why are people still listening to this idiot, and the BBC inviting him on - giving him a platform to spout nonsense?


...and Charlotte Church ‘should be given a severe warning and made to see the error of her ways’.


Time someone told this idiot a few home truths – and what an idiot he is.




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Some of the best shepherds never won One Man And His Dog but were still able to gather massive flocks of sheep to them.

nicebloke - // Charlott Church an idiot, ha ha I dont think so. Great gal, great voice, continues to be very successful in all directions. Very clever business woman also. She bought Laura Ashleys home and turned it into more than just a dream home, its now a successful business. She's worth millions. Now thats not an idiot is it? //

One does not necessarily connect with the other.

The world is full of people who possess a massive skill set in one area, and still manage to be a total muppet in other areas, because being good at something is not an automatic bar to being an idiot.


If you want a recent article about Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson, try this one:

Note I use a GB News link solely as both BJ and NF are on GB News and I didn't want to use favouritism.

TTT and Naomi have a lot of good things to say for Boris. And they have a lot of good things to say about Nigel. But Nigel doesn't have much good to say about Boris. So who's right?

The whole thing is about confirmation bias. People like Nigel Farage because he agreed with what they were saying. For all the members on this thread, I would be surprised if Nigel Farage changed their mind about anything. But he would have influenced some people - the don't knows, who were fed a diet of lies and FUD.

He's not a leader, he's a dog whistle politician on a single issue. You like him if you agree with him, and dislike him if you don't. Much like George Galloway.

11.34 Idiot, Muppet. You must be talking about Katie Price. Along with the above zero talent. 

Question Author

Apparently Katie Price is about to be made bankrupt for a second time – hardly a very clever business woman.


Just who is the Idiot, Muppet?

Ellipsis, 'who's right?', is a bit of a daft question.  Some of us like some people, others dislike those same people.  Got to say you do sound somewhat miffed though which I would say proves one thing.  Whether you love him or hate him, you can't ignore him.

The reason that he called her 'naive' was probably because she got up and sang that pro-Palestinian song--'Rivers to the Sea.' It made her look anti-Semitic. There was no need for him to call her an idiot though.

> Ellipsis, 'who's right?', is a bit of a daft question.

No, it was a rhetorical question.

> Whether you love him or hate him, you can't ignore him.

True, it would be foolish to ignore him, much like it would be foolish to ignore Trump. And Trump is a better politician, which isn't saying much about Farage ...

Perhaps Farage and Galloway could be called(in Galloways words)the two cheeks of the same nutty backside.Though Galloway used more profane words.

I get it, ellipsis, I really do.  You don't like him.  ;o)

I don't know him. I don't like his politics, but that's a different issue - I don't like most politicians' politics. I think if you look back, I've hardly said a good thing to say about any of them ...

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Charlotte Church Called A ‘Naive Idiot’ By The No. 1 Idiot, Himself

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