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Brit Second-Home Owners Of Houses In France.

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Atheist | 19:50 Sun 04th Feb 2024 | Society & Culture
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French govt has decided to let Brits with second homes in France have the right to visit France for 180 days (instead of the current 90 days). But it might be considered by the Conseil Constitutionel.

Anyone here know if the Conseil has become involved, or will the new law apply. And if so, when?



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"France has something in the order of 1 million undocumented migrants they can't get rid of, so why should they worry about one Brit. ?"

Exactly. And the Schengen zone as a whole has many times that number.

I could understand the EU's insistence on these regulations if it had tight borders where all entrants were thoroughly checked. But it hasn't. It has literally millions of undocumented people roaming freely over the Continent, seeking the destination of their choice and hundreds of thousands continuing to arrive (the number reached one million in 2023). 

But it makes a song and dance about a relatively small number of visitors who would be self-supporting, would contribute to their economies and the overwhelming majority of whom have no intention of overstaying.

It's a perfect demonstration (as if any were needed) of the EU doing what is unnecessary just because it can, whilst its foolish members continue to allow them to do so.

Question Author

NJ. Were you always this grumpy? Do you remember a time when you were a happy-go-lucky kid with an open and kind heart? I've asked this question before, but never had a response. This is not meant to be a cheeky or aggressive question; just an honest interest in the way that humans develop.

I think I am less tolerant nowadays. But surely an old man can ask a straight question of another old man and hope for an honest reply.

//whilst its foolish members continue to allow them to do so.//

Quite! but for how much longer  ?  EU elections coming soon. 😑 

Atheist. You want 'grumpy'? good old Jeff (never been accused of underestimating the situation) will give you grumpy.

The "Far Right" are on the move - Greens be afraid. Here, we're up to our knees in illegal immigrants & angry farmers. There are bigger issues, stay as long as you want;


"NJ. Were you always this grumpy?"

Grumpy? Moi? 🤣

"EU elections coming soon. 😑"

Trouble is, the people who formulate the policy and who take the decisions are not up for election.

Question Author

NJ. I'm glad to hear that "vous n'etes pas 'grumpy'."

Thanks for your civilised contribution.

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Brit Second-Home Owners Of Houses In France.

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