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University Challenge: Christmas Episode Axed

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Roobaba | 08:57 Sat 02nd Dec 2023 | Society & Culture
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University Challenge: Christmas episode axed after ableism complaints - BBC News

An episode of Christmas University Challenge has been pulled after two contestants complained about a lack of provision for their disabilities.

BBC Culture news (previously entertainment and arts)
Universally university quizzing can be a BIG challenge..

.. neurodivergent, those with ADHD every day can be distressing, "overwhelming and overstimulating"..
Life is a challenge, quizzing even more so.. a solution?  




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I am 'neurodivergent'. I hate that term,  I spent a lifetime learning to adapt to the normal world, yes I was overwhelmed at times, yes I still struggle with noise and crowds, and bright light, but I don't think it's the job of everyone else to change around my needs or preferences.  If somewhere or someone makes an effort, e.g quiet shopping evenings, I really appreciate it but don't expect it.   

But then neither I expect to always find adaptations to accommodate my  mobility issues, apart from  step free access to businesses and accessible toilets.  

Not providing the promised audio description for a blind contestant was a massive failure if a question was impossible to answer without it.  I'm sure it would have been possible for one episode not to feature a picture question.

I'm unclear as to whether the other contestant was told in advance that subtitling was not possible - if he was, it was his choice to participate.  

I very much enjoy quiz programmes at home but under no circumstances would take part in one, I know I would be unable to cope with being filmed.  I have no disabilities but do recognise my limitations.


As in life in general, you don't get everything you want I suppose.

they were promised and then the Beeb no do...

it is run on a budget and I imagine the Beeb fluffies promised the earth.  I SUSPECT one was the leddy who was on the winning Manchester team and has done Only Connect...

I mean it is not serious stuff - 1. not appeared before ( excuse me?) honestly they make up the rules. 2. each team had to have an athlete. Our one forgot what a quadrilateral was ( engineer)

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University Challenge: Christmas Episode Axed

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