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Ai The Power To Mess Things Up

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Roobaba | 01:56 Sun 26th Nov 2023 | Society & Culture
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No doubt the 'techies' here on AB have been a little concerned with the rapid developments in AI.. the recent 'AI Winter' has ended, we are now full on heading into the arrival of AGI the next step of our 'bright shiny' perfect Sci-Fi future controlled by the Tech Billionaires in Silicon Valley.. they are about to take over the world with their so called 'intelligent machines'.

OpenAI: A triumph of people power - BBC News

I attended a talk a few days ago by Verity Harding about her new book.. the talk - 'AI, Brave New World, or the road to Extinction?' was utterly beyond what I was expecting. Next year is when everyone will know about and experience the coming rapid seismic shift to an AI dominated world.

Quotes worth noting:

"Xi Jinping announced his intention that China should be the
leading AI superpower by 2030 and Putin glowered that
whoever becomes leader in AI will be ruler of the world.”

"The tech industry has this pervasive West Coast libertarian hubristic streak that makes them think they have the ability
to just do something immediately and change everything."

"And with money comes power. Despite this popcorn-grabbing distraction, let's not forget what OpenAI is actually doing: shaping a technology which could reshape the world."

"AI is evolving rapidly, growing ever more powerful - and that makes it potentially more of a threat. What will be coming next year from OpenAI will make the current ChatGPT look like 'a quaint relative'. AI promises a smarter, more efficient future if things go well, and destruction if they do not."

"People building AGI [artificial general intelligence] are unable to predict the consequences of their actions three days in advance"

..with the recent OpenAI/Sam Altman news it now looks like money is controlling events, rather than an altruistic concern for the future of humanity.

Question.. are you worried, or will it all work out for the best?



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Altman certainly didn't stay sacked for long. Conclusion: he's got the power in OpenAI and hopes OpenAI will have the power everywhere.

A friend of mine got ChatGPT to write him an article on Spanish wine the other day; he said it was fine, but used too many adjectives, which he didn't think the rest of the world would notice. So that's probably what we're strolling into: people not noticing.

I'm not worried, there is no such thing as AI.

...never has a thing had such a bad name. It should be PI, Psuedo Intelligence. There is no actual intelligence present.

Folk have worried themselves silly listening to the doomsayers throughout history. Now is no different. 


AI gives an edge, sure, but isn't likely to be any decider of anything. Besides we and our allies are in a decent position to ride the technological front line for the foreseeable future anyway.

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Ok, but don't say I didn't warn you!

Ukrainian AI attack drones may be killing without human oversight

Ukraine is using drones equipped with artificial intelligence that can identify and attack targets without any human control, in the first battlefield use of autonomous weapons or "killer robots"

jno 'So that's probably what we're strolling into: people not noticing.'

Yep, that's how it's going.. it's what we are strolling into.

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Why food discount stickers may be a thing of the past

Good/Bad? Dynamic pricing in a store near you in 2024..

'AI-driven dynamic pricing is already a reality in Europe, as grocery retailers such as DIA in Spain, Iper in Italy, Metro in Germany, and Hoogvliet in the Netherlands have rolled out the technology.'

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Update: showing the way.. the EU got there first, again.

AI: EU agrees landmark deal on regulation of artificial intelligence - BBC News

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Ai The Power To Mess Things Up

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