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I know that you understand that Scots hating the fact that their country is being ruled by Westminster is not the same as hating the English.

I don't know what is worse, the political shenanigans and scheming of every politician (all parties) or the media's intent of stirring up trouble.

It is sunny here in Perth, there are loud roadworks taking place outside my flat and I feel like parc today. ☺☺

//Scots hating the fact that their country is being ruled by Westminster is not the same as hating the English.//
I never get that... couldn't you say the same about Wales, aCornwall, Northern Ireland, Liverpool, Newcastle,.
The Scots have MPS that represent them at Westminsyter. Unlike England they also have there own parliment who set lots of things like tax rates and run there NHS and they have there own laws. Blaming Westminste ris an easy cop out... when things go well they samy it's there efforts or thanks to SNP, but when things go bad they blame Wetmisnster (but not there MPs in Westminster)
Maybe it's their London accents.
Bobbin - Personally I don't care who runs our country or where from. As long as they are honest, well-intentioned and trying to improve the lives of each member of society.

I think that many people who become politicians start off with the best of intentions but they are corrupted by the system.

doogie - get back in yer field, behave!!!
We don't have thought police so, yeah. If one's moral standards still "ok" the act of unjustifiable hatred, no one but oneself can solve that. But for such individuals they miss out on a loving existence until they solve their issue.

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Scottish Nationalists Are Given "Permission" To Hate The English.......

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