Is A 27 Year Old Man Playing Online Video Games With An 11 Year Old Girl Wierd/Wrong?

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Cindy1302 | 01:07 Thu 19th Aug 2021 | Society & Culture
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Totally depends what the game are. But you have to wonder why they are not playing games with people Their own age .
In itself, it's no different to a 27yo old guy going to his local chess club and playing against a talented 11yo girl there. It only becomes 'weird' or 'wrong' if there's inappropriate messaging involved.
And how do you really know how old anyone is online?
The word 'officer' is missing from the end of that sentence.
You'd think a 27 year old man would be busy in the real world at that age
I am sensing a pattern in your posts Cindy
It may be innocent, but can you take the chance? Even though a serious subject I will draw your attention to a David Bowie song from 1967 called Little Bombardier. It is about a lonely ex-soldier (PTSD, probably) who hangs around in cinemas. He meets some children and they make him happy. Your own interpretations can be drawn. I would say it is worrying more than wrong at this stage.
War made him a soldier
Little Frankie Mear
Peace left him a loser
The little bombardier
Lines of worry appeared with age
Unskilled hands that knew no trade
Spent his time in the picture house
The little bombardier

Frankie drank his money
The little that he made
Told his woes to no man
Friendless, lonely days
Then one day, in the ABC
Four bright eyes gazed longingly
At the ice-cream in the hand of
The little bombardier

Sunshine entered our Frankie's days
Gone his worries, his hopeless maze
His life was fun and his life was full of joy
Two young children had changed his aims
He gave them toffees and played their games
He brought them presents with every coins he made

Then two gentlemen called him
Asked him for his name
Why was he friends with the children
Were they just a game?
Leave them alone or we'll get sore
We've had blokes like you in the station before
The hand of authority said "no more" to
The little bombardier

Packed his bags, his heart in pain
Wiped a tear, caught a train
Not to be seen in the town again
It'd abit confusing as the op profile is shown as female and she is 27
Lots of adults play games as a hobby, nothing wrong with that.
I play online Scrabble and chess, and have no idea who my opponents are - we are civil and polite to each other and that's as far as it goes. It wouldn't worry me if I knew some of them are children.

I also play online games with my grandchildren - nowt wrong with that, either.

It's all in the context.
Just playing seems fine if they become friends thats a bit odd why on earth would a 27 year old man wanna be friends with an 11 year old

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Is A 27 Year Old Man Playing Online Video Games With An 11 Year Old Girl Wierd/Wrong?

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