Would I Be A Bad Person For Not Messaging This Bully?

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Cindy1302 | 21:54 Tue 17th Aug 2021 | Society & Culture
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I was playing an online game last night with an 11 year old and some guy. They were both pretty nice to eacthother but at one point we were playing on a team and the 11 year old forgot to heal herself over and over again and the guy was like "you better heal yourself lol . Everytime I look at you you're at half health. You're so dumb lol" or "so dumb" something like that. He said it under his breath. I didnt say anything at the time but I was thinking of messaging this guy and having a word with him. I dont want to but I feel it may be the right thing to do. Would I be a bad person if I didnt?


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Sorry, what does ‘heal yourself’ mean?
Question Author
"Heal yourself" as in heal yourself so you don't die.
Err okay :0(
I would either avoid the guy totally or remind him that when adults are playing such games alongside children humiliation is unnecessary and unkind.
Bobbi Replenish the health of the character she was playing.

I get a little tetchy when on on-line gaming but to an 11yr old well out of order.
Gosh I’m well old then haha
Question Author
So I should say something or..
Move on.
is he someone you want to play with again & keep things civil? if youre not bothered just msg him then block.
you dont have to have a go at him, just say to keep in mind its a child etc - maybe even find something online - an article of phrase etc and just send that and dont say anything

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Would I Be A Bad Person For Not Messaging This Bully?

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