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Will you still wear face masks when they're not compulsory?

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AB Editor | 14:18 Mon 02nd Aug 2021 | Society & Culture
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  • Yes. - 125 votes
  • 60%
  • No. - 56 votes
  • 27%
  • Maybe. - 23 votes
  • 11%
  • This doesn't apply to me. - 2 votes
  • 1%
  • I don't care. - 1 vote
  • 0%

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It wasn't raining. It was a lovely dry frosty morning. This is the NHS we are talking about. I was happy to do my bit though - instead of moaning.
I never said it was raining 237SJ. Am agreeing with you they can be useless sometimes when wet or soggy, in fog or rain, and rain is common here. I'll stop here as we've got opposite ends of the stick- you seem to think I'm disagreeing with you when am not
//As NJ has pointed out repeatedly on here//

I have to say, naiit, that NJ has never said that [that masks are useless]. My criticism of their use has been twofold:

Firstly, medical authorities (principally the WHO) were not in support of their general use among the public at the start of the pandemic. This changed when it became apparent that many governments were in favour of their people wearing face coverings. This was, in my view, because governments believed it gave their people “confidence” rather than necessarily protected them from anything, but that is another debate. When the WHO did finally provide its support for their use, that support was, at best, ambivalent. I’ve read their advice and that’s the best than can be said of it.

Secondly, any advice to use face coverings has been predicated on the notion that they will be used properly, with all the recommended precautions taken. I know of nobody who follows those recommendations fully. Most don't even get close. More than that, the risk of self-contamination, whist mentioned in the WHO advice document, is simply glossed over almost in passing. In fact, especially when used improperly as they invariably are, that risk is considerable but has never been emphasised.

Face coverings have been presented as “a good thing” and it has been seen as heresy to suggest otherwise. They are not necessarily a good thing, especially if they are wrongly used. I don’t really care that there is no room for my opinion or whether others like it as I make my own mind up about these things rather than sheepishly following government mantra. I don’t rely on the government to keep me and mine safe. In fact they are the very last bunch I would trust with my wellbeing.

// NJ is not always right just because he pretends he's a real judge.//

I have to say (once again) that NJ has never pretended any such thing.

// It's not difficult or very costly to have a selection of clean, hygienic masks available for use.//

No it isn’t. But the overwhelming majority of people do not manage it.
The wording of the question seems to imply that our illustrious Ed hasn't noticed that they're already non-compulsory!

I'm most definitely continuing to wear a mask in supermarkets, etc. Almost everyone around here seems to be doing so too. (I've just been in Sainsbury's and not seen anyone without a mask. I've made several trips to Morrison's since they ceased to be compulsory and only seen just one guy without a mask; even very young children - who were never forced to wear them in the first place - are all wearing them in stores around here).
CHRIS, face coverings are compulsory in Ulster stil when on public transport and in shops or hospitality venues.
They are also compulsory on London's public transport, some National Rail services and other cities' transport systems. The difference now is that no fines can be imposed and no criminal prosecutions can take place.

In London (and I imagine elsewhere) the imposition has been enforced by an addition to the "Conditions of Carriage." This means no penalties can be imposed but transgressors can simply be denied travel or thrown off if they manage to get on.
I've not worn one since they became optional - several Waitrose/Sainsburys/Tescos staff not wearing them either. Great - we can all understand/hear each other again and exchange courteous smiles. I've never believed they served a useful purpose other than to convince the scaredy-cats that they were somehow protected.
Colin Axon, adviser to SAGE says that it is same as firing marbles at builders' scaffolding -the odd virus might get stopped but the vast majority won't. Danish mask study said no difference.
So utterly pointless.
With a mug like mine I've continued to wear a mask just as a matter of common curtesy.
By the way, I was already wearing a face mask long before anyone even heard of Covid-19. That's when my avatar was banned. So how is it that now AB Editor is getting away with it? :(
Haha! True Mibs. :o)
"I've never believed they served a useful purpose other than to convince the scaredy-cats that they were somehow protected."

Well what you believe and what science knows is two separate things. I know where I'd get my information from.
Over the last year or so, Ive realised something that I had never noticed before.
Im slightly deaf.
The times that Ive had to say Exuse me. Pardon. Sorry. while people have had their mouth covered up has been embarrassing!
At last, i can lip read again.
Realised that I have to look at peoples lips when they talk to me to fully comprehend what they say....

If you need to lipread - you are more than "slightly" deaf.
When masks were first introduced, the government themselves, were honest enough to say- at that point- that the priorities were with the economy and businesses. They didn’t lie. They fully said they wanted people to feel "safer" and "more confident" in going out again.
Clearly, with covid, everyone is learning as they go along. And advice and knowledge and stats change.
But, I don't think they were ever dishonest about mask use. They literally claimed it was for "confidence".
//If you need to lipread - you are more than "slightly" deaf.//
Ive realised that I need to see lip movement ALONG with voice to understand what is been communicated.

Still slightly worrying though. Its been a bit of a joke at work but a bit (only a bit though) worrying for me.
Might have to get my ears syringed.
If you need to get them syringed - they no longer do it in the surgery. You have to pay for it.
Why did Carrie neuter Dylan the dog and not BORIS
//If you need to get them syringed - they no longer do it in the surgery. You have to pay for it//
Awww, ***!

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