Modern Israel - Fulfillment Of Bible Prophecy.

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Theland | 12:29 Sun 30th May 2021 | Society & Culture
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There are so many bible scriptures that foretell the scattering, persecution, regathering and blessing of the Jews, that my faith is strengthened watching God keeping His Word to His chosen people, honouring His covenant to them.
The bible is the true word of God, and these prophecies are just another way of Him provide g Himself to be a God of His word.
This means that all of His other promises and warnings are true also.
Jesus Christ was both Saviour and prophet, and His words need heeding with all seriousness.
Will you study the prophecies, and compare them to history and contemporary events?


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The kindest thing I can do for anybody is give them the truth of Jesus Christ.
Theland- You give them your truth, which is not necessarily "the truth".
Question Author
That sounds like Meghan Markle, ''my truth, your truth,'' as opposed to the truth.
But you are waxing philosophical, and your homegrown philosophy might sound clever, to you that is, but its foundations are built on sand, and it won't stand up to any kind of rigour.
So before you put your foot in your mouth, let's agree some terms.
Truth = what is true. Untruth = what is not true.
Now with that cleared up, we can proceed.
What is your comment?
I have no doubt that what you give os what you perceive as the truth, but what if the person you're "being kind" to doesn't want that? Most people who do not believe have no desire to hear your preaching.

You say: //The kindest thing I can do for anybody is give them the truth of Jesus Christ.// I disagree, the kindest thing you can do for somebody is accept that they may not share your faith, and respect that.
Question Author
Oh Mozz I do, I do!
I have responded to questions about my faith, that's all.
I have answered honestly as all ABers are expected to answer honestly.
Its not my fault if the questioner doesn't like my answers.
//Oh Mozz I do, I do!//

No, Theland, you don't. You've told Nailit on another thread that you think he's a believer. Jesus warned of hypocrites. Look in the mirror.
Question Author
I think deep down he believes in God, but God makes him uncomfortable.
Hypocrite? How so?
Despite telling Mozz you respect other people’s beliefs, you’ve decided you know what Nailit believes which is contrary to what he says. Additionally, because I disagree with you, you accuse me of poor scholarship and worse. That’s how so.
There was no word of God to keep. The minions of the faith consciously decided to fulfill what was written in the Bible by making a Jewish homeland.

Meanwhile some Jews were crazy enough to want to go and live among those who hated them the most.

It is hardly a surprise that they were driven out in the first place when they lauded the idea that God promised them the land and told them to commit a brutal genocide of everyone who already lived there.
^Precisely. I've told him that several times, Beso. I wouldn't have thought it too difficult to work out.
Question Author
Ha Ha! That is the biggest load of muck I have ever read!
Think before you write.
Best, you are clueless.
You'll find he isn't clueless, Theland.
Question Author
I am not in awe of stupid comments, from wherever high brow source they emanate.
It's not a stupid comment. History bears it out as fact. Yes, there's that word again. Fact.
Question Author
History does not bear it out as fact, in the way Beso has presented it.
//The minions of the faith consciously decided to fulfill what was written in the Bible by making a Jewish homeland.//

That exactly what happened.
Question Author
You should launch your career as a stand up comic.
Silly comments change nothing. That’s what happened.
Question Author
Sorry. I don't buy it.i
Theland, this is the simplest explanation I can find.

That's what happened .... but you knew that.

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Modern Israel - Fulfillment Of Bible Prophecy.

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