I Have Autism And Sometimes Have Issues Communicating What I Want To Say And How It Is Interpreted By The Other Person.

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Neilnr78 | 04:52 Tue 11th May 2021 | Society & Culture
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My roommate has improve usually on Mondays.

He didnt go to it and he came out of his room." I said,what happened to your improve".

Im concerned he might of interpreted as to why he's at home and Im not happy about it that hes at home or something like that.
Would what I said be interpreted in that way?


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Not @ all! He has to understand..
I don't know what you mean by 'improve'; perhaps it's some acivity he usually goes out to on Mondays.
Your question to him reads as an innocent question, but it is possible to ask such a question in an unpleasant or unfriendly way. It can depend on the tone of your voice (e.g. sneery and unfriendly, or friendly and showing interest in his activity). Facial expression can make the question sound like a criticism or a disapproval of him staying in then you would prefer him to go out. A happy face and a friendly tone can avoid annoyance.
If his response seems to show that he is bothered about your question, then you can say that you didn't mean to be unfriendly, you were simpply interested.
I don't know if this post is at all helpful, but I hope so. :-)
Maybe it's IMPROV - an acting class?
Like others here, I'm confused.

This website is based in the UK and, in British English, the word 'improve' simply doesn't exist as a noun. (It's solely a verb). So most/all people here won't understand what it is that you're on about. (I'm guessing that you're in another country, where the word 'improve' has found its way into local English usage as a noun - but it just doesn't make sense to people here in the way that you've used it).

I'm on the autism spectrum myself though. If I think that someone might have misinterpreted something I said earlier, I simply admit to that fact. i.e. I will then say something along the lines of "When I said . . . . . earlier, I hope that you didn't think I was being intrusive. I was simply . . . etc").
dave that's what i thought.
Maybe something unpleasant happened and he's not ready to discuss it yet. I wonder if sometimes I tend to overthink things or let my imagination run away with me. I'm definitely no expert on interpersonal relationships either.
Neil, could you perhaps clarify the word "improve"?

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I Have Autism And Sometimes Have Issues Communicating What I Want To Say And How It Is Interpreted By The Other Person.

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