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There isn’t a website for the app.

It works only on Apple and Android phones, and you download it from the App store on your phone.

It does not work with older models.
"It works only on Apple and Android phones" - so 99.99% of phones then?
Tora, you would be surprised how many people are still using little old Nokias.
tora what if its a landline say smart phone or dont but if you gonna try be funny get it right lol

this link will take you to either app store or play store to download the app depending what phone you have
gawd elp us, are these people on the electric yet? I meant 99% of smart phones.

But you have made up 99%.

About 25% of UK smartphones can’t get it.
There are 80 million smartphone accounts in the UK (yes, more than the population) and so far less than 15 million NHS Apps have been downloaded.

Which is why we don’t hear much of it these days. It was a flop, never had enough users, and is next to useless.
when you try and be witty but just end up causing a bit of a disarray

But you have made up 99%. ///

No change there then.
roadman, am pretty sure smurfchops isnt planning to download the NHS app onto his home phone!
Question Author
So how do you use a Covid Passport if you don’t have the right phone for the app??
it actually is useful but its dull...but if you want to know when you had what jab or prescription, what oddly named med you are allergic to and so on, its really useful
smurfy you can get a paper confirmation of being vaccinated from monday.
It doesn't work on Iphone models earlier than IOS 13.
There are 2 different NHS Apps.
There is the Covid App and there is the NHS General App.
The General App should work on older phones, and I think it is that one that has useful data about meds and medical history in it.
Where do you need to use a vivid passport smurfchops?
Covid obvs!
Although it does show when you had the vaccination it's in the middle of loads of other health info I wouldn't be wanting other people to see. Its inconvenient, and I do wonder where people think they'll be using it?
I think the app will be updated. The cert of vaccination doesn't go live till monday

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