Happy St George's Day

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dave50 | 06:49 Fri 23rd Apr 2021 | Society & Culture
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Did anyone realise it was st George's day today? I always remembered the significance of the 23rd april from being in the cub scouts. The Scots, Welsh and especially the Irish are allowed to celebrate their saints day but us English seem to stay quiet about it as though we have to be ashamed or embarrassed. It's time we raised the bunting and flags to celebrate.


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yes its been noted by Johnny thread
expect more to join in, its still early
Yes, it’s strange, Dave.
Even in America on St Patrick’s Day they’ll have their newsreaders saying ‘Top of the morning to you’ (which no Irish person has ever said) while waving a shamrock. I can’t imagine them putting on a bowler hat and saying ‘Good morning. After, after you I insist’ for George’s day.

Happy St George’s Day anyway, and Shakespeare’s birthday and death day too.
Happy St George's Day and Shakespeare birthday and date of his death
All the St George's flags in my locality were raised to full mast yesterday as the period of national mourning has passed, in readiness for St George's Day.
We are allowed to celebrate it however we like.
Cloverjo, I think the American thing is more a homage to the Kennedy's and their Irish roots.
dave50, I meant to say it is not shame or embarrassment that prevents us marching, parading down the street and letting off fireworks. We English don't feel the need for tubthumping precisely because we are English with that innate sense of being.
I'm sure it would be very different if England were ruled by a different country.
There was a time when all the BBC news presenters wore a red rose on St Georges Day. That went out a long time ago when it turned left wing, under the guise that they don't celebrate any other Saints day.
Of course I did,Happy St George’s Day back at ya, also a very happy 3rd Birthday to Prince Louie today
And a very happy day to the Dragons also.
Nice of you to wish a Welsh Rugby team a good day gulliver.
"There was a time when all the BBC news presenters wore a red rose on St Georges Day." How long ago was that?
thank you ladies for emblazoning the logo with the St George's Cross, looks great.
Yes, thank you Ed( s) for the Saint George logo for us Little Englanders :0))
looks great, even if it only stays for a little while.
Just listened to 'Rose of England' as I always do on 23rd April. There are quite a few St George's flags flying in my local town centre.
My town usually celebrates on the weekend with a fair in the castle grounds, reinactments etc and morris dancers in town. This year I think most of it is virtual.
its the thought that counts roo
"There was a time when all the BBC news presenters wore a red rose on St Georges Day." How long ago was that?

Stuart Halls days, that's one of the things I remember him for :-)

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Happy St George's Day

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