What Would Jesus Have Done?

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Atheist | 16:55 Thu 03rd Dec 2020 | Society & Culture
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He recommended helping the weak, the meek, the ones who lay injured by the roadside. He commended a Samaritan who helped someone even though the Samaritan was of a tribe disliked by the Jews. He defended a man who collected wood on the sabbath. He said that rich people would find it hard to go to heaven. He said we should turn the other cheek when attacked.

He did not condemn refugees. He did not recommend that we should smite the enemies of the Lord. He did not despise the poor and dispossessed. He did not condemn prostitutes.

He did condemn those who would have stoned sinners.

If he was real, he sounds a rather decent chap, not much like many so-called christians.


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He probably would think he died on the cross in vain.
17:18 Thu 03rd Dec 2020
A bit idealistic though.
I think he would weep at the thought of the wrongs done in his name.
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Of course, OG. That's what he was about.
I think it's sad you have met some uncharitable people who claim to be Christian too - for the most part I find people to be kind (in person, not ranting on a screen).

Perhaps I have been fortunate.
Oh yes, He is the tops
I thought you were an Atheist...Atheist ?
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Mamy, I haven't met many unnice christians in my life, but I find some here and in the news.
he was violent toward money-changers and fig trees, so you wouldn't want to annoy him. Generally, though, he empathised with the poor and vulnerable, which is why his creed caught on quickly in the Roman Empire. Not all Christians behave as he would have recommended (but then, not all atheists do either).
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Bobbi, I am. I can still like some of what Jesus is reported to have said. Lots of others liked it; that's why he gained a following.

Many of the Christians I know are the kindest, most decent people you would want to meet. Sadly a few others aren't.

I think sometimes we confuse the religion, the belief system, with the formal structure of the church. Too often in recent years, churches have sought to protect themselves against legitimate, sometimes criminal, complaints.
I have nothing to do with established churches.
My bible and prayer are sufficient.
He seems a decent sort of bloke.
///He said that rich people would find it hard to go to heaven.///
Not sure that i understand that.

However....."nice people " make me wary as one is clear what they are saying but not necessarily clear about what they are thinking.
I'll pass on this one.
What would Jesus have done? About what? Today’s society? Parking tickets? Covid-19? Brexit? Agitate against climate change?
He probably would think he died on the cross in vain.
I know what He thought.
He was without sin, and perfectly legally, in Gods perfect justice, was allowed to offer Himself voluntarily, to take the punishment for our sin, as a living sacrifice, so that we can partake of the free gift of forgiveness, and approach God with confidence, not fear, that our punishment has been paid, and we are washed c!San and acceptable to God.

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Father, why hast thou forsaken me? I think he twigged it at the end.
Throughout His ministry, Jesus was at One with the Father and the Holy Spirit.
But God will not even look upon sin, so at that point, the Father turned His back on Jesus, who took the punishment alone without any spiritual comfort.
Never has a man been so destitute and alone as Jesus was when he hung on that cross for us.
//He defended a man who collected wood on the sabbath//
A bit nit picky Atheist but he didnt. No story of that in the gospels.
Thank you for BA.

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