What Would Jesus Have Done?

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Atheist | 16:55 Thu 03rd Dec 2020 | Society & Culture
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He recommended helping the weak, the meek, the ones who lay injured by the roadside. He commended a Samaritan who helped someone even though the Samaritan was of a tribe disliked by the Jews. He defended a man who collected wood on the sabbath. He said that rich people would find it hard to go to heaven. He said we should turn the other cheek when attacked.

He did not condemn refugees. He did not recommend that we should smite the enemies of the Lord. He did not despise the poor and dispossessed. He did not condemn prostitutes.

He did condemn those who would have stoned sinners.

If he was real, he sounds a rather decent chap, not much like many so-called christians.


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He probably would think he died on the cross in vain.
17:18 Thu 03rd Dec 2020
Vulcan - If true that would be correct.
There are no good or bad Christians, just Christians who are flawed, me being one of them. But we should make the effort to be better today than we were yesterday and even better tomorrow. Sadly, it doesn't always work out that way.
I think one of the factors that gives Christianity a bad name, is when the local church community become a clique, and appear to be indifferent to the real world problems, and lack any good substantial bible teaching from the pulpit.
Christians should aim to be part of a community, building up each others faith.
That is where I am lacking. My health is prohibitive these days, and before I retired, I was working 84 and sometimes 92 hours a week, and did not attend church.
I did go at one point to a Church of England, but found it weak on bible teaching and too much emphasis on the vicar, and his outlook which was not substantive although he was a good man.
I attended a Gospel Hall for a while, but that is another ?ong story.
But, no, I do not consider myself better than anybody else, in fact I consider myself inferior in many
//I haven’t consulted any website, Khandro. Just the bible. Have you not read it?//

Yes I've read it, but I didn't come across any of your facts.

No? Perhaps you were influenced by the wonder of it all, Khandro.
naomi, It is one thing to criticize the Christian religion - I can do that quite easily myself - there are, & have been, many things far from perfect in the clergy & institutions of the church, but what you have done above, is a miserable attempt at denigrating & insulting Jesus himself, I find this mean, not even your guru Richard Dawkins does that.
Khandro, I don’t have a ‘guru’ - but I take it your objection is to my studies and to the resulting conclusions? Why? Because you would rather I remain silent and pretend to accept the universal lie that has been perpetrated for the past 2000 years? Frankly, Khandro, to my mind religion has insulted Jesus. In the history of the world never has a man - and one who cannot defend himself - been so used, abused, and misrepresented. You need to look to yourself.
naomi; // Frankly, Khandro, to my mind religion has insulted Jesus.//

Well, you seem to be doing a good job of that yourself - Fri. 12:38 you said;

"He could become angry and vengeful, he wasn’t always accommodating to foreigners, he didn’t encourage family life, he wasn’t particularly caring towards his mother, he lived on charity, his family thought he was bonkers,...."

All subject to rather weird, subjective interpretation on your part.
What’s subjective about it? He was a human being - he wasn’t perfect. Read the bible.

Khandro, if Jesus returned today Christianity is a religion he wouldn’t recognise.
Naomi - Maybe you just like a good argument for the sake of a good, entertaining, ( for you), argument, but honestly, I may not be a prophessor of philosophy, theology or science, after having invested many years of, study/acquaintance of Christianity and Christian teachers/apologists, I have never ever come across any critic of Christianity, or notable and respected atheist commentator, who has ever tried to present an unreferenced argument as you present, which even on its shop window, is nothing but a rather lazy display of complete rubbish.
You’ve read the bible, Theland. What would you like referenced?
What would Jesus have said to Margaret Thatcher?

Keep up the good work?

-- answer removed --
Theland, if your statement of there are no good or bad Christians, only flawed, is correct, then it suggests to me that the book you all live your life by is also deeply flawed.
vulcan; I don't know what a "good Christian" is, but I know there are bad people & some of them might be termed as bad Christians, but I don't know what that is either, do you?
Naomi, I couldn't read the bible and reach your conclusions, or find a commentator to agree with you.

Vulcan, The message is not flawed, but we are.
Theland, I don’t seek commentators who agree with me. I depend upon my own research. You’ve said my posts are a ‘lazy display of complete rubbish’ but you’ve offered nothing to support that charge. Furthermore you said I’ve offered an ‘unreferenced argument’, and I asked you a question which you haven’t answered. What would you like referenced?
His attitude towards His mother maybe?
Here you are Theland. I'd be cut to the quick if a child of mine ever said anything like this.

//Who is My mother and who are My brothers (Matt 12:48)?

He said to them in reply, “My Mother and My brothers are those who hear the word of God and act on it.” Luke 8:19-21

While He was speaking, a woman from the crowd called out and said to Him, “Blessed is the womb that carried you and the breasts at which you nursed.” He replied, “Rather, blessed are those who hear the word of God and observe it.” (Luke 11:27-28)://
naomi: I think you must be deranged if you can equate those words with your interpretation:

"He could become angry and vengeful, he wasn’t always accommodating to foreigners, he didn’t encourage family life, he wasn’t particularly caring towards his mother, he lived on charity, his family thought he was bonkers,...."
Naomi, that is a very convoluted interpretation of His words, and generally omits the totality of His teachings.
But, in the public arena, atheism is far more popular than faith, and as faith, widely understood, is undermined, a vacuum is left, into which rush the myriad idiotic ideas circulating now. And dangerous too.
1ozzy ; I reported your post of 8:57 as under 'Profane' but either the mods are asleep or don't think it so, if the latter be the case then it sadly says quite a lot about the ethos of AB

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