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Atheist | 18:52 Sat 21st Nov 2020 | Society & Culture
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Christmas adverts - cartoon characters which used to be aimed at children. 'Literature' - which is often about magic and dragons and fairies and princesses or angels, which used to be aimed at children. Am I getting old?


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"Am I getting old?"

You can omit the word 'getting', I think, Atheist ;-)
Question Author
Buen; I'm as old as you are - old as I am.
Advertisers know who their customers are, and who their customers get to pay the bill for them.
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OG; yes I know. Just sad that the world is like that. I am sure that there are still intelligent people around.
what are you on about?
I'm assuming that most Christmas ads were made during lockdown or with the added pressure of social distancing. Hence the use of animation for many. Which in turn suggests fantasy instead of realism.
Pasta has said exactly what I was about to - as regards Literature, when times are difficukt sci fi, fantasy and escapism sells.
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TTT; see above.
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Pasta, I think christmas ads have probably always been aimed at kids. Mamy, I suppose times have always been perceived as hard. So, not surprising. But; I still think that there is a lowering of intellectual standards; people used to read Harry Potter whilst hiding the book cover on the tube - now they don't bother.
So should they read 50 shades instead?
That's for very hard times Woof ;-)
Lol mamy
Atheist, //people used to read Harry Potter whilst hiding the book cover on the tube - now they don't bother. //

Age really is just a number but no one is ever too old to read Harry Potter. Try it. You may well learn something because all life is there.
Harry Potter bored me senseless -its for (middle class) children.

Christmas is a total fairy-tale Atheist so why are you surprised? :-)
'50 Shades of Harry Potter' might be a worthwhile read.

(Now they're grown up of course...)
Harry Potter are great books, read by billions, men, women,children alike, i don't think they are dumbing down or infantillising
Seriously emmie I doubt 'men' read Harry Potter!
You'd be wrong, apg. I guess you didn't read much of it ... being bored and all that.
I have'nt read any of Harry Potter -its a childrens book, written for children -the films were boring. My opinion, I prefer Terry Prachett's books .
No, we proud men as strong as two separate gorillas, who can rip apart a telephone directory with our teeth, continue to train with Enid Blyton, The Famous Five, with lashings of pop and scrumptious cakes.
'' I say you lot! Hurry up and don't forget to pick up your crumbs! We don't want to leave a trail for those pesky criminals who tried to take uncles new bicycle!''

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