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naomi24 | 18:34 Wed 17th Jul 2019 | Society & Culture
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Have you ever met anyone who boasted about their life – and you subsequently discovered they were trying to pull the wool over your eyes? We met a couple on holiday once…. she was ‘in fashion’ she told us loftily - and he was ‘in furniture’. It turned out she worked in a dress shop and he drove a removals van. Oops! :o)


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Yes indeed, all fur coat and no knickers....and worst of all lies,can't bare lies

Living in a pub I listened to people's fantasy lives on a regular basis.

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Any amusing stories, ladies?
Yes same as Ummmmmm
I thought they were sad people naomi.
Not as someone pertaining to be better than they are but via lies? Too many to say haha
Naomi, I dated a guy who told me he was a professional footballer-with a Premier League club!!

After a few days one of his mates told me that he played two matches for.... Dulwich Hamlet FC!!!

(He was actually a part time DJ!!)

I soon binned him!
Like bobbs202, I can’t stand lies.
Dishonesty is one of my most disliked human failings.

I suspect that the type of people you describe, naomi, can sometimes be found in chatterbank.
Kippers and curtains was a term once used. I’ve met a few fantasy braggart‘s.
I don't need to make false boasts. I'm perfectly happy with my job in advertising:
There's an author I find rather boastful about all his published works...

Melvyn Bragg! ;-)
Im a transportation operative working for a nationwide organization providing emergency relief to the financially challenged...

Im a van driver :-)
The thing about being a liar is not that you won't be believed - of course you will! But you can never truly believe anything anyone else ever says...
Oh yes! A woman was describing their holiday trip, there were no traffic jams, they were first off the ferry, the children had been wonderful in the back of the car. Later he described a totally different journey, nearly missed the ferry because of traffic, almost the last off the ferry because the car in front had lost his keys and the kids almost murdered each other!
The same woman, when we went over for a children's party, was eulogising about their raw food diet, no processed food etc etc. He came into the kitchen with a box of Bird's Eye beefburgers ready for the bbq.
Why on earth do people do it?
I met a lady who said she worked ‘in fashion’. Found out later she was an assistant in Matalan!
Nowadays I would describe my self as an 'influencer', I taught and tried to influence my pupils about Mathematics.
That's the opposite of what we did when I teaching mathematics. All of the other departments seemed to be adopting new names (such as History & Geography becoming Social Studies, Metalwork and Woodwork becoming Craft, Design & Technology,, etc), so we replaced the sign saying 'Mathematics' with one saying 'Hard Sums Department' ;-)
Yes my best friend through most of secondary school. I was oblivious at the time but she lived in a tumbledown small cottage with unmarried parents. For years she maintained she had a close friend she'd go and stay with who was unbelievably rich, had loads of horses she rode on Irish beaches, sunken baths. after a year or 2 a sister also came into the story. She'd be away from school and say she'd been to see this fantasy girl (when she probably was just having her period). I took it all in and many other of her fantasies including a studmuffin brother that didn't exist and having a secret romance in the 4th year with one of the best looking boys in class. The truth never dawned on me until years after (I've not seen nor heard of her since we were both 16).
One person does spring to mind,I worked with her and she told us all she had the C word, everyone was devastated for her but then she started saying she was having her chemo on her day off which was the same each week,cuts appeared on her head looking like she'd shaved it,this was about 20 yrs ago and she's still going strong ( thankfully) I think she may have had Munchausen's Syndrome ?
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Lovely accounts. Keep them coming.

Ag, Kicked into touch you might say. Funny how people are often so much more successful than they really are.

Chris, I’m impressed!!!

Zebo, I have a lovely friend, a university lecturer and a brilliant mathematician who modestly describes himself as ‘quite good at sums’. Love it!

Bigbad, //I suspect that the type of people you describe, naomi, can sometimes be found in chatterbank.//

There are one or two around. :o)

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