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-Talbot- | 19:18 Tue 05th Mar 2019 | Society & Culture
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The Tweeter says
'South Africa explained in 28 seconds.'

It explains nowt to me...any ideas of what is going on?


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It's certainly divided opinion.
19:47 Tue 05th Mar 2019

Frankly my Dear!
Question Author
Tweet of the day and pointless answer of the day on one thread.

Re best answer, Baldric...don't call me, I'll call you.
Talbot, come on, you kidding us? It's blindingly obvious what it's saying.
Question Author
Enlighten me, Ladybirder.

Hello Bill, You seem to have omitted most pointless OP of the day.
One attempts to clear up all the carp and the others are hell bent on returning to carp. That is how I interperet the message
Question Author
You're entitled to your opinion, Baldric.

Although for someone who doesn't give a are here again.

I would like to know the back story ....

white kid clearing up whilst africans dirty the street
and forty years ago it would be the other way round

crowd gathers to watch but does owt

no one says anything

basic message - SA is ungovernable by popular will?
It's not good news fo SA that's for sure. White person cleaning up or trying to and twice as many Black people doing the opposite. In other words one lot is trying to stop the other lot messing up the country. Too late.
Question Author
Thanks, Mamya.
Blacks ruining the country, murdering white farmers, taking their land without compensation, putting blacks in charge of the farms, who don't have a clue how to run a farm.
Some white farmers off to Russia and Australia, just a replay of Mugabes destruction of Zimbabwe.
Some whites banding together for protection, a separate state maybe?
Just recently, blacks took over a beach popular with whites, then brought along a sheep to slaughter to cleanse the beach of evil spirits!
Yeah honestly!
Not fit for anything except hunting and gathering.
You should google the scenes in their parliament.
Would be a hoot if not so dangerous and sad!
You're welcome, it was interesting reading some of the different angles.

Not a topic I'm well up on despite having family there.
The 2 blick people are trainers and the white lad is the South African Paper Chase champion.
It is scandalous that this not reported on the BBC.
With the best will in the world, every broadcaster cannot cover every incident that happens in every country.

It wasn't difficult to find multiple reports on it.
Donald Trump will be tweeting soon
I spoke to, "The Donald," earlier.
He asked for advice on rebuking critics.
Said ABers seemed adept in this skill.
We are going to South Africa later this year. Do you think it would be wise to cancel the visit?

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