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Atheist | 12:33 Mon 31st Dec 2018 | Society & Culture
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Any tips for how to spot a chatbot?


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ask it if it's a chatbot
^ Thought you didn't do tips ^
sometimes they only want the tip..
I have a great way to spot chatbots but can't tell you in this thread! Come over to find me at and I'll tell you there!
oh ha ha jim
anyone tried Jimz site?

"Sorry, the website cannot be found."

anway have a good new year Jombo

happy counting or break a leg or whatever it is that maff people say to each other
if you cant tell a chatbot from the real thing
then it fulfils Turings criteria for consciousness innit?

[ thousands of ABers squawk: who's Turing den?]
Doubt they do Peter.

We need Squarebear back.
Question Author
I always look for 'people' who don't properly relate, but just reiterate their opinions without addressing any comments I make.
Haha yes! Check out this cute cat as well, [namehere]!
Pardon my ignorance, but what's a chatbot?
A chatbot is a programme that is able to automate chatting in various online messaging sites. Sometimes they are a useful tool, eg to provide quick help to common tech queries (before eventually a human will step in). Or they can crop up and pretend to be a real person in order to suck somebody in to visiting a more dangerous site where, say, personal information can then be stolen.
Do you not remember Squarebear Jack, check out the related threads below.

His Chatbot Mitsuku won prizes a few times.
My question too Jackdaw.
Shock Horror!
Just realised I may have been married to a chat bot for the last 46 years.
She does all those things.
Question Author
Theland. I'm not surprised! Lol.
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