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What's the #1 purpose of November 11?

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AB Editor | 15:06 Fri 09th Nov 2018 | Society & Culture
21 Answers

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  • To remember those who have fallen. - 87 votes
  • 74%
  • To say thank you to those who fought in the wars. - 15 votes
  • 13%
  • To show respect. - 8 votes
  • 7%
  • Other, I will explain below. - 4 votes
  • 3%
  • To prevent future wars. - 3 votes
  • 3%

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It bridges the gap between November the 10th and November the 12th.
What is #1?
many of those categories and more besides. we owe so much to so many.
Good afternoon all.

I have set up this poll. It automatically publishes from the AB Editor but please be aware that the AB Editor is still on sick leave.

All information regarding the AB Editor can be found here.
All of the above

I regard it as the anglo version of Noche de los muertos

I think as you get older it gets more piquant/acute as you become aware you have had a life they did not...
Anne - Number one
I wanted to tick more than one category.
That is why we have asked for the #1 reason, Mamyalynne.
Could you add a box for “all of the above”? I would tick it and i’m sure others would too
OG - I rarely agree with you but this time I do!
The # sign is used in America where we would write number or no.
We use # instead of numbers ?
Other, I will explain below........

Go on then.
Surely the clue is in the title 'Rememberance' Sunday?
Remembrance has many purposes but on the whole, surely to try and prevent another war? Not only do we remember our mistakes and those who lost their lives but lets also try and learn from them?

Else, what's the point if WW3 kicks off tomorrow..
Pretty good point, spath. The questions on the poll are rather confused.
I'd say the "#1" purpose is to remember. From that, we can learn and respect, and say thank you. All those come from remembering
That's what i went for.
Great minds ay ;)
I accidentally ticked the wrong one...:(

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What's the #1 purpose of November 11?

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