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Why does twitter links regularly take too long to load ? I don't mind waiting a second, or two :-(
That's very cool and funny and to the point x
Haaa! Love it!
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That's because they're all useful idiots.
Question Author
If you didn't understand it, you should have kept quiet, spath.
I trust everyone has taken a look at the placard beneath the joke? The path of Islam .....
Won't show for me - damn !
Talbot, some of your threads go awfully quiet awfully quickly. Can't think why.
Question Author

I know many ABers think they are superior by mocking twitter but they're wrong about it.

Just reading this thread from someone I follow.

Lee Jasper...nice man.

Imam Tawhidi has some great modern and forward thinking ideas about the way things should go - not at all surprised he's so popular.
Question Author
He's also unpopular, Mamya.

Death threats on a regular basis.
Ah of course, he must touch a nerve amongst some.

I don't rubbish Twitter, I find it a bit confusing that's all.
I love Imam Taj Hargey. The interview with hi in Saturday's The Times I found riveting.

Question Author
I caught Taj on Sunday, he was being shouted down by Owen Jones...Owen Jones who has just tweeted this.

'No one has killed by a wreath'

And yet he went apeshi-t over Boris and his letterbox joke... how many did that joke kill?

Ah, Owen Jones. What to say? What can one say? Sad little man.
Awful man.

Did you read The Times article in Saturday's paper Naomi?
No, I didn't, LB.

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Do you know the answer?

Lol I Love Following This Imam. Probably The Best Imam In The World

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