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Positive Male Body Image

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Booldawg | 11:45 Tue 06th Dec 2016 | Society & Culture
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I'm often seeing (mostly on social media) posts about positive female body image, promoting
plus size models in the world of fashion etc etc. These are shared by both female and males alike.

You tend not to see any posts to suggest its not OK for a male not to look like Gerard Butler though.

Is this because men tend to care less about body image or woman tend to care less about mens body image?


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There was the "dad-bod" thing recently, where there were positively placed photos of famous men with dad-bods. David Cameron eg. (Can't remember who else) who had a bit of meat on them, but weren't either fat or ripped.

I think a lot of women might like to look at pics of men like Gerard Butler, but rather their partners had dad-bods so the women themselves don't feel they don't match up.

I don't know anyone who fancies Cameron, btw. He was just an example of a dad-bod.
I am not sure that, historically, the same social pressure has been put on men to look acceptable, especially as they age.
I have always been proud that my body is in shape....the fact that its in the same shape as a sack of spuds is neither here not there !
mikey now stop teasing us girls lol
I don't care what my OH looks likes. He doesn't care either. He's very slim....
There is nothing to get too excited about Mally !
lol x

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Positive Male Body Image

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