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Spooky Sightings

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AB Editor | 09:13 Wed 02nd Sep 2015 | Society & Culture
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  • I have never seen a ghost and I don't believe in them - 110 votes
  • 42%
  • I have seen something spooky in my house or at someone else's house - 85 votes
  • 32%
  • I have never seen a ghost but I do believe in them - 54 votes
  • 21%
  • I have seen something spooky outside while driving - 9 votes
  • 3%
  • I have been ghost hunting at a place that is said to be haunted - 5 votes
  • 2%

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Yeah. The missus.
(Tell us about it!)

That usually leads to being ridiculed by others but ...

I have seen something spooky in my house or at someone else's house
When I was a student - years ago - my housemates and I were convinced there was a ghost in the house. We happened to meet the next lot of guys to have that house, who were also convinced there was something there and that made us even more sure of it. However, I am now think there are rational explanations for everything that went on, and that there are no ghosts at all, anywhere.
I have seen inexplicable things in the house in which I grew up. Most were also witnessed by other people. One of these, on facebook, recently mentioned an occasion. We, then 3 teenagers, were sitting at the kitchen table - my mum was washing-up at the sink in the far corner. An egg-cup flew in an arc (I mean in an arc - it rose up almost to the ceiling) from the back of an old wall-cupboard and smashed at my mum's feet - a flight of about 10 feet. No-one was anywhere near - the other teenagers mumbled their excuses and left (one of these was the one who contacted me recently and remembered it). It was out of the blue. There were other things, also witnessed by outsiders.

I have just been released form a nursing home where I was sent for R&R. One day, idly standing in the reception area, I looked at the visitors' book and found K Jackdaw to visit M Jackdaw. This really spooked me, because K was my mothers's initial (dead these 38 years) and M is mine. Obviously Jackdaw is not my real surname, which is not the most common. It turned out that there was a Mrs Jackdaw in the same home.
When I was about 8 years old , I woke up late at night and needed to go to the toilet.As I passed my parents room I looked in and was startled to see a headless ghost at the foot of their bed!
It turned out to be my Dad taking his shirt off!
Can't click on two things, I have seen something spooky while driving and in our house.
Ha-ha Eddie. There are lots of noises going on in every house, but there is always a rational explanation for them. Water gurgling in the hot water system, doors slamming next door etc.
Somebody keeps kneckin my shiraz. Media URL:
What's really spooky is when a cat suddenly stops in it's tracks and stares at something invisible....
that's THE BUGGA
Yeah, or just sits looking up into a corner of the ceiling.
That was spooky wouldn't post YouTube Link Here...
Spooky ! Togo.
Ha ha ha .Time for bed.
The City I am from Bangor, many years ago there was a creamery ( Milk Dairy) prior to that it used to be a workhouse, went in there one Sun with one of the workers called Elwyn, as we walked through this door the was a jest of cold wind & the door slammed behind us, I ask Elwyn what could have been the Cause, he said it was a regular thing as the place was haunted, many people died there, alsi a house we bought in our Town, I did not see it but my 1st wife seen a Monk on top of the stair's, ( we were sober)
There is no answer option for "not seen one; would like to see one; will decide what to believe after I've seen what other witnesses are on about".

In other words, the limit of my belief is "other people see inexplicable things and refer to them as ghosts".


Excuse the dumb questions but unless it spoke and said "hello, I am a monk", what made you think it was a monk? Hooded or unhooded? Rope belt or loose fitting robes? Shoes/sandals or bare feet? Tall/short; fat/thin?

Basically, there are many 'monk' archetypes, which most of us know only from film and television and they can be made to look either sinister or benign. I would like to get an idea of whether what you saw fitted either of these extremes or was somewhere inbetween.

p.s. Had not seen that expression "jest of wind" before. Is it a dialect thing?
Hypo, it was a terr home, at the bottom of the stairs there was a door, my wife opened the door to go up the stairs when she seen the hooded monk, we asked the previous owners, who also seen this ghost, regards the jest ( gust ) ( Spelling error)
A ghost lives in my house. She was the previous owner and died in a dreadful accident. See her often but she is no bother.
This should be under R&S, it's the same sort of rubbish.

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Spooky Sightings

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