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Bullied Into Spending At Christmas

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dave50 | 17:31 Thu 11th Dec 2014 | Society & Culture
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Why do people put up with being bullied and pressured into spending more than they can afford on presents at Christmas, especially for children? They should stand up and say "i'm sorry but we cant afford much this year" and leave it at that, if others don't understand then it's tough, they are obviously not worth knowing. It really gets me angry when someone is called a scrooge or tight just because they haven't bought a huge sack of presents. The whole thing has just become an excuse to grab as much as possible from friends and family.


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Oh cheer up, Dave.....don't think many are bullied and pressured.....I do think you look on the glum side happy.....☺
I concur and have this discussion regularly with colleagues in work.
It doesn't help that Xmas decs and goods are put on sale in OCTOBER! It has comletely lost all meaning and generally I'm glad when it's all over, so prolonged is the build up in this day and age.

Don't get me started, I'll be here all night.....
I dislike xmas for this very reason. Even parents that can afford it feel pressured to buy things.

I stopped buying presents years ago.
And I don't put decs up or any of that nonsense that makes your house look a mess.
I love xmas and anyone who doesn't go with the flow and give presents and spread the cheer cannot be a happy smiling genourous person but someone who is miserable, tight and who doesn't like giving.
Ummmm I feel sorry for your children not getting at least a small gift at Christmas.
Ba hummmbug
ummmm lies, she loves Christmas!
Two of my children have weddings next year and so at my suggestion, they are not going to buy each other Xmas pressies -great relief all around. My OH insists on buying me loads of pressies and always a 'surprise' which more often than not is a 'shock' -one year I got a full set of men's toiletries......

There's not a lot of bullying at Baldric Towers, we only buy for anyone 12 or under, not many of those atm. Adults in the Family see one another throughout the year so don't bother.
you're right, B00, ummmm's even decorated her palm tree
I couldn't agree with you more dave ! Children are spoilt rotten these days. They are given far too much, far too often, and consequently fail to appreciate anything. The idea of giving a gift isn't that it bankrupts the giver. Its the thought that goes into the gift and not how much it costs, but people seem to have forgotten that these days.

Its just greed, thats all.

And if another niece or nephew takes a present from me and doesn't say thank you, they won't be getting another one !
Jesus is watching you. :-)
Retro - don't feel sorry for my children, honestly, there is no need, they aren't actually children! They'll be happy with the cash I give them.

Lol at the links....made me smile.

i would much rather give my children a well thought out present at xmas time rather than just cash.
Good for you.

You do realise that you can buy well thought out presents throughout the year? Presents/gifts are not exclusive to xmas.

I don't do the xmas malarky because it's forced. You're being made to think about thoughtful presents which defeats the purpose. The best presents are ones that you get for absolutely no reason except the fact that you spotted something you know someone would love.
'' I don't do the xmas malarky'', oh ok :)
even worse, douglas, goodlife is watching ummmm and us!
wearing wrong glasses -

Well I have spent quite a few pounds on my brother's girl friend - not because it was Xmas but for the time - she visited him in hospital, for the times she slept in a chair to be beside him and also the arduous and time-consuming hours at the many appointmnents he had to keep I know he does not APPRECIATE one thing she does. I have got great delight in buying towels, handtowels, facecloths, vodka, smokes, and money. this lady has nothing only the bear minimimum Everything is blue for the bathroom NEW MATS AS WELL. SORRY FOR CAPS.

My sister also got her living room all done in red - new, cusyions, mats, throws, again money fags and etc.

This is my firsrt happiness in making up such a wonderful present for a wonderful LADY WHO TRULY HAS VERY LITTLE MONEY AND GOING wih a tight ba% Can;'t wait to see her wee face. This person will appreciate the lot. Bless her. sorry for typos

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Bullied Into Spending At Christmas

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