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Your part for environmental protection

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KeepYourEyesPeel | 15:57 Wed 21st Nov 2012 | Society & Culture
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What can we do to protect nature ? As far as you are concerned, what steps do you take to help protect the environment? What are they?
Are you ready to take action against pollution and to protect the environment ? How ?
I regard environment as a matter of great significance to me. That's why everyone should consider a bit closer how important this is for the future. On top of this, against this background, everyone can do something for the environment.
I'm well aware of the fact that our planet is a very fragile place as it can easily be polluted by day-to-day human activities or habits. Our world we are leaving in it is at stake so we should respect it but my point is : "Why are so many people destroying this good living place as we know it today?", "What can we do"?


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"I regard environment as a matter of great significance to me. That's why everyone should consider a bit closer how important this is for the future"

so we should think something is important just because you do?
I just live my life as best I can. I don't do anything to harm the environment, but I don't go out of my way to help, protect, or preserve it. Yes, I drive a car, but I don't consider myself as being a polluter. After all, I didn't build the car, so that isn't on my conscience. I appreciate the benefits that modern life has, e.g. central heating boilers; cars; aircraft; power stations; and I think that life would be infinitely worse without them, even though some people call them polluters. But, as for taking steps to protect nature, well, I think that sometimes interfering with nature can do more harm than good, so leave well alone, say I.
reducing electricity usage by not using a computer for spamming would be one thing to do
The planet is going to be just fine. What is at risk is only that bit which humans feel comfortable living on. When pollution and overuse of resources ( especially fresh water ) have killed off the human race, the planet will resolve all the anthropogenic problems and go on without us for many millenia to come.
As for humans trying to keep ourselves going, it's already too late. Your grandchildren are going to be very uncomfortable, and your great-great grandchildren aren't going to exist.
welcome to AB, KYEP...

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Your part for environmental protection

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