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joko | 20:03 Sat 03rd Mar 2012 | Society & Culture
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anne widdicombe and a few others have a certain way of speaking, sort of all one 'note' and high, and as though they are 'breathing' the words - if you get me...
like its coming out the top of their mouth rather than the throat...

its hard to explain... there are others who do it too (cant think of names at the moment)

but if you do get me, is there a name for that way of speaking?



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yeh Cameron in emmerdale breathes his lines

we hate it, makes him sound slimy
Its called "jolly hockey sticks" well that's the brand name; received pronunciation insertion widget is what you need to whisper to Harrods assistant, dont forget to wink...
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no thats not it, lol
It's proper, innit?
I don't know what you mean, joko.
In Anne Widdicombe's case, it sounds like the headmistress of some girl's public school would sound, years ago, a kind of hoot; "high hoot" or "head's hoot", perhaps.
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im not talking about accent or dialect but purely about the 'sound' that comes out... being posh etc is irrelevant.

imagine speaking in all one single 'note', high pitched and with no 'power' in the voice, as though you are putting hardly any effort into speaking...

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speaking style...

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