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joko | 20:23 Sat 24th Dec 2011 | Society & Culture
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my boyfriends mum has apparently bought me some ugg boots for xmas.

they are really not my sort of thing at all (personally i think the current fashion for them is not nice, they make me think of chavvy scallies)

... fortunately they are black and when i said i would wear them under my trousers, just as what they actually are - a warm pair of winter boots...sort of like furry wellies, not for fashion, i was met with dismay, from my boyfriend, his mate and his girlfriend, and told they should ONLY be worn OVER skinny jeans or leggings, because thats how they are 'supposed' to be worn... i was told they look stupid under the trousers and if i am just going to do that i may as well sell them on ebay and buy something else.

to me, boots are boots... you wear them however you want...

i do not wear skinny jeans or leggings and i am not trendy - i am more of a hippy chick

what do you think? i will probably sell them, but i am a bit confused by this notion that i cannot just treat them as winter boots and should see them as a fashion item...

i am very grateful to his mum for getting me them - it is lovely of her, and she apparently would not mind at all if i sold them (they are 2 sizes too big for me too, so i can say that, but i could probably wear them with thick socks if i wanted too)
she is an air hostess so gets stuff cheap from all over the world.

(no offence intended to anyone who likes them, i just personally dont)


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they are your boots you can do whatsoever you like with em. Granted most people wear em over jeans etc, but they belong to you, you can wear em as a hat if the fancy takes you;-)
i cant stand them either. Look ok on really slim, tall people but on normal or overweight they remind me of mr blobby's feet.
Tell them you will wear them for what they were originally invented for..... keeping your feet warm and dry on the beach after surfing. :)
what size are you? i'll buy them!
passed mine to DIL as they're too sloppy for me; not enough ankle support & too flat.
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these are black, tall, size 6.5 bednobs
I'll fight you for 'em, bednobs :-)
As would i......have to agree that they should be worn over something though....x
wear them as u feel the need to, after all you are the 1 that needs to feel comfy in them.
how much joko?
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hi bednobs, will let you know, going to do a bit of research ... will be cheaper than shops though
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