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oldnitro | 10:30 Wed 27th Jul 2011 | Society & Culture
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Are you optimistic or pessimistic about the future? I myself am extremely pessimistic. I tend to believe that the human race is on a downward spiral that will be impossible to halt. Climate change,violence in all its forms, species extinction,overpopulation and societies insatiable lust for wealth at the expense of our planets resources will, in the long run, put an end to the human experiment.


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When it comes to my personal life, I'm the definition of pessimistic. But when it comes to others I'm little miss sunshine.
I think things are changing but I can only be optimistic for the long term future because we humans have a habit of overcoming adversity.

It scares me more that my kids are blithely unconcerned.
I think every generation thinks that the future is bleak.

When the National Trust was formed over 100 years ago it was because the people involved were concerned about "the impact of uncontrolled development and industrialisation". And that was in 1895.

I think it is also only something you think about as you get older. As Squiitty says, most youngsters are only concerneed about their personal "problems" - what mobile phone to get, if you fancy that boy or that girl and so on.

As you get older you see the bigger picture and "worry" about over population, globalization, pollution etc.

I am now 61 and have to admit I think far more about these things than I ever did in my 30s or 40s.

Best thing is to try to forget about them and enjoy whatever is left of your life.

When you are dead and gone all the worry in the world wont have solved any of the problems.
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VHG, I have two daughters in their twenties and like you say ,the only thing that seems to worry them is if the weather will be ok for them to go horse riding tomorrow. I tell them they are ostriches burying their heads in the sand and the reply is always the same, "stop worrying, the future will take care of itself". Ahh, the carefree days of youth.
Well, the human species (experiment, as you call it; who is the experimenter?) will eventually disappear one day. 99% of the species that have ever lived are now extinct; why should we be any different?

The second most successful organisms on this planet, the dinosaurs, existed for an incredible 185 million years (making our existence a mere blip so far) but were eventually wiped out virtually overnight. (The most successful are, of course, bacteria, without which no animal or plant life could exist and which themselves can survive in all manner of extreme conditions.)

It sounds unlikely that the present problems we have, when balanced by all those wonderful, magical, positive, optimistic factors which you, in your pessimism, choose to ignore, will be enough to decide our fate. An asteroid is more likely.

Why not enjoy your life while you have it? You'll never see a sunset or baby's smile, hear a beautiful piece of music or read fine words after you're dead. Isn't this life, even through your gloomy glasses, better than the black oblivion of the grave?
It's not a case of being carefree in youth, personally I cannot see the point of wasting the small amount of time I have on earth worrying about something I cant change, I prefer to make the best of what I have.

If you look into the past we went through phases where society crumbled several times, google "gin lane" for one example!
If your daughters don't give a to$$ about the future (and they have more of it coming than you do) why should you worry. Make the most of life and take up horse riding as it seems to drive worry away.
Even given all the sh1te in the world, generally I'm optimistic, I have faith that problems will be solved and we'll move on. I have seen huge leaps in my own life time. Yes there are things that annoy me but when I count my blessings they are pretty insignificant. Stop nagging your daughters to worry as you do, just let them get on with it, I have learnt with my 2 sons that they don't need the weight of the world on their shoulders.
Perhaps the prognosis from a popular TV programme will come true...''We're all doomed! Doomed I tell you!!''
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It wont make any difference , we are all going to die. The sooner some people realise that the sooner they will get on with each other and start living life to the full.Instead of acting the fool.
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glass half full or empty?
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