A landslide victory for the Scottish Nationalists........

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ixion | 17:59 Fri 06th May 2011 | Society & Culture
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will lead to a better financial deal for Scotland to the detriment of England and the rest of the UK...discuss.


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I love the Scots so no Scot bashing here ixion, but I can't see how they should have a say in the English Parliement?
With a bit of luck they'll go for devolution.............
We've got devolution Craft, there are now talks of a referendum for independence. At least it might stop the constant (mistaken) whinings that we are being subsidised...
That's the old chestnut "The Lothian Question" as I guess you know Bobbi. If they go for full independence it will be solved for good. They might not stop at devolution, craft as they would be part of Europe, although it may be a decreasing benefit for smaller nations after recent happenings in Greece etc. Interesting times N. of the border fence.
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Scotland is still part of the UK Bobbisox.....even though it has its own parliament - the SNP now have an outright majority in the devolved Scottish parliament and will be looking for new powers (unsurprisingly) which will benefit Scotland - I suspect they are in a strong position to get new powers (such as being able to vary corporation tax) which are likely to impact negatively on other parts of the UK, probably Northern England in particular.
if alex salmond is going for a vote on independence, he shouldnt wait too long. IMO
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He has already stated a referendum will be held in the second half of the parliaments term
Time will tell. Alex Salmond is a very canny operator.
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He certainly is Euphemia....though he's probably flattered by the abysmal standard of the politicians labour put up in Scotland as opposed to the UK Parliament "A Team"
Very true Ixion
sat here with my bricky mate (big Tony) he says ......yes to devolution........his trowel is at the ready to finish Hadrian's wall.
hes a bit late !!!!!!!!

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A landslide victory for the Scottish Nationalists........

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