What will the Country be called if Scotland leaves?

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potterfan3 | 19:17 Fri 06th May 2011 | Society & Culture
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If Scotland go, we won't be able to be the "United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland" anymore, as the island of Great Britain will no longer be united. So "United Kingdom of England and Northern Ireland"? (Wales being included in the "Kingdom of England" like it was when we joined with Scotland).

This will annoy the Welsh, so they'll have to be added to the name, but their not a Kingdom they're a Principality (have a Prince not King/Queen), so the United Kingdom of England and Northern Ireland and the Principality of Wales? This sounds awkward.

What if Cornish nationalists get their way, and Cornwall becomes the fifth (or fourth is Scotland goes) home nation? That's a Duchy! So, the United Kingdom of England and Northern Ireland, the Principality of Wales and the Duchy of Cornwall?

What about the demonym and flag?


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"United Kingdom of England and Northern Ireland, the Principality of Wales and the Duchy of Cornwall"

It does just roll off the tongue.
just call it London !!!!!!!!!!!
keep it simple and just call it England, that's the term that most of the rest of the world already uses
Why not have a referendum in England then we can rid ourselves of the winging Scots, the bigoted Northern Irish and the moaning Welsh!
Bring on Independence for Cornwall.

Passports please the next time you come over the Tamar.

Just call it Disunited Kingdom. Problem solved.
hear, hear jd - though to be fair most Welsh folk are decent folk..........

Scotland we can rename Whingeland or, more benignly, Jockstrapland.
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erm....."the" country will be called Scotland ; )
tut tut, cant hide jealousy !!!!!!!!!!!
and I hope DC sends Alex Salmond a bloody big bill for the trials and tribulations of RBS, the Bank of Scotland, the Dunfermiline Building Society and immediately cut the subsidies that we send them.

Could be a brilliant move as the savings should help out the deficit exposure very quickly and leave us with just the IMF exposure share when they go to the wall, (Hadrians or Antoine Wall?), which I guess will be pretty quickly given the presence of Brown and Darling and Salmond's overspends.
What will we call the rest of the country if Scotland leaves?

I suppose that's better than France.
And by the way, that Salmond bloke had a long hard fall from the top of the ugly tree
Two things and I am serious.

1. There is a big difference between voting the SNP into a majority in Holyrood to voting for a yes to independence. Alex (and I was at Uni with him) - learn your lesson tonight from Cleggie as to AV - and all past polls have indicated a strong preference for the Scots to remain as part of the UK. It would be interesting to poll us English on this, I must say.......

2. When this independence question has risen in the past, the Shetlands and Orkneys have indicated their preference to remain with the rest of the UK. In short, and look at the agreement over borders as to owns the marine oilfields in Europe, sorry this would mean that most oil stays within English and "the Rest" control, sorry Mr Jock..... The Shetlanders have gone on record saying that if England didn't want them (and why should we say no to them), they would prefer to revert to Norway than succumbing to Edinburgh and the loons there.

Any Shetlanders/Orcadians on here - or even comments from any Hebrideans about their perceptions?.
DT - name drop all you like but he is still plug ugly
mrs O - yes he is butt ugly, but I will say in his defence, politics aside, he is a nice guy.
"nice" and "Scottish" in the same sentence. Hmmmmm
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Strictly speaking Wales is not a principality, which I would define as a country whose head of state bears the title of prince. The Prince of Wales is not head of state, nor does he have any constitutional authority; it is merely a courtesy title conferred on the eldest son of the monarch. At the moment Wales is wholly subsumed into England and has been since 1536.

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