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Scanning | 10:06 Thu 09th Jul 2009 | People & Places
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I'm slightly perturbed over an issue with a member of staff in one of the open plan offices I work at.

The person (interesting traveller) has recently sold his house - I'm not sure of the details but he has sold it without finding a new home for himself (not a great move - pardon the pun). He is complaining that he can't find a suitable dwelling matching what he currently has, this includes a nice big garden, a large garage that connects to the back garden, lovely back door entry. The problem he says is that he can't find anything to match that and ideally seeing as he is having to buy a new house he would like an extra room (currently has 2 bedrooms).

I do wonder why he even sold his current house, he states its perfect, it a great location and he wants exactly the same (extra room would be nice but not essential).. he needs very tall rooms, an old victorian style stately home. Bit bizarre seeing as he's only 5ft 6! - Although questions have arisen in the department if he does actually live alone like he states.

Some stories have contradicted this, as he usually refers to "we" rather than "I" - Not that it matters and who cares (before someone puts a comment about it being none of my business - he raised the worry in finding a new home, not me!) I believe the spare room he needs is for a dungeon like feel to the home, I've seen him talking about ordering sheet rolls of latex. Which did raise a question a while ago about his eyes, he had a reaction to latex so not sure why he would approach the substance again.

Again I think it's linked the the tall, shadowy figure he lives with. Although others have said he lives with his mother. There was talk of the extra room being used as a Walk-In Tanning room fully fitted with hand wash dispensors - I'm not really sure what thats about?
Why would you sell your home without having something else organised - his collegues are talking about trying to band


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wow, you're really interested in your colleague.

how bizarre!
Because he had a buyer before he'd found somewhere else.

The rest of your 'statement' I have to agree with Sara...!!!
Question Author
Well I am just interested because he has been talking to collegues about his worries of where he will now live?

Erm HELLO?? don't you think he should have thought about that when he put his home up for sale in the first place? - call me a faggot but I think "most" people would think about that I reckon!!!

My God,am I glad I don't work with you.
You sound like the FBI/CIA/KGB put together.
Have you nothing else in your life but such bizarre queries?
scanning has a rather bizarre blog going where he/she posts all your replies to his/her ridiculous spoutings.

you've been warned!
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Thanks sara,
Well,obviously scanning is weirder than I thought already!

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